The school may admit children for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL) if it deems them able, with appropriate support, to benefit in due course from the mainstream curriculum. Until such a time, individual tuition in English is provided by a specialist teacher in place of mainstream lessons as appropriate. It is a condition of admission that the cost of such tuition and of any necessary assessment charges should be borne by the parents. Such charges will be communicated to parents with the offer of a place.

The individual needs of each child are taken into account when timetabling lessons. Lessons take place before school, during part of lunchtime or in specified timetable slots which cause the least disruption to mainstream teaching.
It is the policy of the School that a child requiring individual provision is assessed by one of our specialist assessors, the cost of which, as advised by the Head of Individual Needs, is borne by parents.

The Head of Individual Needs makes arrangements for all forms of internal or external assessment of children. In the best interests of the children, parents are expected to share with the school any information arising from external assessments which they have themselves arranged.
Where an Individual Needs assessment by the School’s staff or by an outside agency is deemed necessary prior to the offer of a place, parents of potential new entrants should expect to bear the cost of such assessment.