A school whereyou belong


Boarding lies at the heart of our school, building a unique sense of community. The boarding houses play a key role in developing the school's strong sense of family values, encouraging our children to harmoniously live and work together, build friendships and develop their independence
Boarders at the prep school are blessed by their natural surroundings, and our boarders take full advantage of them - with walks, navigation exercises and shelter-building. There is nothing better to help clear the head. We also enjoy a range of activity with everything from fives to clay pigeon shooting and kayaking to climbing.  To exercise boarders’ minds, a series of house lectures are offered.  To date, we have enjoyed talks by Alastair Hignell (Rugby International, Cricketer and former-BBC Rugby Commentator); Mike Hurst (‘The Springfields’ and Music Producer) and Lord Butler of Brockwell to name but a few.

House Parents and staff are on hand around the clock, providing a happy home like environment for our boarders. All of our Houseparents have their own families and this helps to contribute to the family feel of our boarding community.

All of our children genuinely flourish in our beautiful surroundings and they are offered the attention, care and guidance that will allow them to develop as young people. It is no coincidence that our House boards boast the names of numerous scholars and internationally recognised sportsmen and musicians. 

We offer a range of different types of boarding in both the girls’ and boys’ houses, including full, weekly, home and away (where children go home at weekends and on Wednesday evenings after sports matches) and flexi boarding (where children stay for between one and three nights / week). 

Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice

Our aim as a School is to meet the individual needs, foster the aptitudes and nurture the growth of each child. We understand education to mean all that a child learns from the world of school. We believe that emotional and social well-being and growth, self-esteem and confidence are of prime importance in themselves and are inextricably linked with academic progress.

We believe that respect for children, faith in children and an ability to see the world through their eyes should inform our teaching and our care. Indeed, we see teaching primarily as an act of care. If we care about children, we will wish to notice and respond to a need, spot and develop a talent, discover and resolve any unhappiness. If we evidence this care, children will feel secure and valued, and will value themselves and others.

A sense of community is of immense value to children and to families and it stems from our wish to understand and care for the whole child. Our care does not start and stop at the school gate. School is an extension of family life and we aim to know, understand and care for the pupils’ families.

The Boarding Houses exist within the framework of the School as a whole and are run according to this ethos.

Boarding at Casterton Sedbergh Preparatory School is based on the principle that the House should act as an extension of the child’s family. The Houses have a welcoming atmosphere which provides a happy and structured environment for boarders and their families.

The Boarding Houses are warm, open and friendly and we all very much hope you will feel part of the excitement, enjoyment and sense of purpose that prevails amongst the Boarding community of our school.