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Leadership Day - 4 Para

On Tuesday 8th September, our Year 7 & 8 pupils enjoyed a Leadership Day led by Major Tancrel of 4 PARA. The day commenced with a talk by Major Tancrel on leadership. He touched upon his own personal experiences in Helmand, Afghanistan and celebrated Old Sedbergians: Lt. Col. Spencer Chapman (‘The Jungle is Neutral’); General Shaw (Director Special Forces, 2003) and one of the most highly regarded soldiers of the Parachute Regiment and the British Army, Brigadier Pearson CB, DSO & Three Bars, OBE, MC, TD, DL who served in World War II (founder of 4 PARA).

Our pupils were then divided into three platoons and taught a number of leadership skills. Major Tancrel placed considerable emphasis on integrity and moral courage when he detailed those attributes that we associate with quality leadership.


The morning and afternoon sessions culminated in an inter Platoon Competition.

Over the course of the day, two Year 8 pupils were identified for their outstanding leadership qualities and potential; they were, T.Ogden and E. Seymour. 

The day was rounded off with a formal dinner and words of thanks were delivered by Cressbrook Head of House, Yugo Kamoshita; Beale Head of House, India Haydon-Wood and Major Tancrel.