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Sponsored Walk 2017

On Thursday 14th September 170 pupils and 15 staff set off on a sponsored walk that will never be forgotten! The plan was to go over Casterton Fell to Barbon Beck, through the wood to Barbon Manor, and then over the Middleton Fells eventually reaching Sedbergh after a reportedly 20 mile trek. The weather was perfect for the event, hardly any wind, no rain and pleasant temperatures.

There is something special about a Sedbergh Prep whole school walk, it brings everyone together as many of them are put out of their comfort zone with the challenge. Probably the biggest challenge was the climb up out of Barbon to the highest point on the Middleton Fells, Calf Top, which is higher than anywhere on the Howgills. It is difficult to put into words what each child achieved, both physically and mentally, on the day, but also the memories that they will treasure for ever.

Another obvious bonus from the day was the money raised for two extremely important charities, the Grenfell Tower Disaster Fund and the North West Air Ambulance. Thank you to all of you for your generous donations.

Some lovely pictures below...