Sedbergh School has an impressive record of examination success in Chemistry. However, The Department concentrates its efforts on engaging students with a subject which lends itself to awe and wonder like no other.

Practical study is undertaken wherever possible and the Department is proud that it remains a popular choice at A level despite declining numbers nationally and easier options elsewhere.
The department consists of four full-time Teachers of Chemistry and a full time, highly experienced laboratory technician. Teaching is dynamic and practical Chemistry is always to the fore. Despite the traditional nature of our courses, all of our teaching is supported by some of the latest applications of IT and the department has developed an impressive library of Chemistry software which ensures that our students have every opportunity to both enjoy and understand this subject.


Students follow Edexcel’s IGCSE course immediately in year 9, with the final examinations being taken in the summer of year 11. The course is a wonderful throwback to the days of proper Chemistry and staff thoroughly enjoying the freedom that it allows. The course is not encumbered by the confines of coursework and allows us to spend much more time in the laboratory. Students are set on combined scientific ability throughout this course and class sizes rarely exceed 20.


Students are entered for OCR's AS & A2 examinations in which we are enjoying much success. This traditional Chemistry course allows us maximum scope for practical study and is very well supported by an impressive software library. There are three sets in each year group consisting of approximately 10 students each. The top set are all expected to achieve A or B grades at A2.