The study of History encourages each pupil to develop powers of critical analysis, an understanding of complex material and evidence relating to the past and an ability to express sustained and logical arguments.


The focus of GCSE work is Modern World History with a mixture of final written examination and coursework assessment.
Paper One examines the core content of twentieth century world history and includes a compulsory Depth Study section on Germany 1919-45. Paper Two is source-based and examines British History 1906-18. The coursework comprises two assignments: on aspects of the First World War and on Stalin's Dictatorship in Russia.


The course aims to provide candidates with a proper historical context for their examined work and a good deal of material beyond the limited specification is covered. Candidates should note that they sit all five of the examined papers at the end of the Upper Sixth year. Document Study - The Reign of Alfred the Great Period Study - English History 1042-1660 Period Study - European History 1046-1718 Historical Investigation - The Reign of Charlemagne Themes in History - 1066-1796 Independent Investigation (Coursework)