Winder House


Winder House
Sedbergh School
LA10 5SG
Tel: +44 (0)1539 244035

Housemaster: Mr Chris Mahon (

Emblem: The Mole

Colours: Purple

Numbers in the School increased during the First World War to the extent that two new houses were founded: Powell and also Winder up in the town. Winder House started in 1915 in Highfield Villas in the building which is now the Masonic Hall.

Winder House on its present site was completed in 1926. In the Headmaster's report to the Governors on 11 May 1926 he stated that: "Mr Gorton has transferred his boys from Highfield Villas to the new Winder House. Work on the new house is not yet completed, but the boys seem to have settled down happily in their new surroundings".

The first Housemaster of Winder House was Mr Counsell and the first in the new building, the Revd. Neville Gorton, who was to go on to become Headmaster of Blundell's School and then Bishop of Coventry.

Old Winderians

Among Winder's famous sons are numbered Lord Bingham of Cornhill KG, PC, Lord Waddington, Robert Swan and William Carling.

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