The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is a youth organisation, partly funded by the Ministry of Defence.  It aims to give pupils, mainly in Independent Schools, the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities that may otherwise not be available to them and to instill teamwork and leadership qualities that will be of value throughout their lives.

Sedbergh School CCF has three sections, the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force. Members of Year 10 may join the section of their choice and attend a camp during the final week of the School year.  Any pupils who arrive in the Easter or Summer terms may only be able to have a restricted choice of section in view of the training already achieved by that stage of the year.  Normally the Army and RAF section go on camp from the final Saturday of term until mid-afternoon of the Wednesday at the end of term while the Royal Navy depart on the Monday of the final week and come back mid-afternoon on the Wednesday of the end of term. However, these dates are not fixed and will depend on finalisation of arrangements which should be confirmed by the preceding January. Parents should take into account these dates when they are making arrangements for travel and holidays in the Summer.

Pupils are encouraged to continue in the CCF throughout their School career and may be able to change sections in order to broaden their experience.  As Cadets progress, they will be promoted on merit, encouraged to take part in the instruction and training of new recruits and to contribute to the training programme.  This type of experience carries weight on CVs and UCAS (University) applications.

There is a great variety of opportunities available to members of the CCF, ranging from adventure training to scuba diving, glider piloting, to leadership opportunities, largely funded by the Ministry of Defence.

The Shooting Team is one of the most successful teams in the country, regularly competing and winning prestigious prizes with team members representing Great Britain in International competitions.  Those cadets who shoot have to remain active members of the CCF attending routine training on Thursdays.  If selected, they will be invited to attend Easter training at Bisley and may be invited to shoot in the Schools meeting at Bisley in July and even to stay on at Bisley to shoot in the Imperial Meeting.  

A CCF subscription to cover the use of special equipment and transport will appear on the end of Term bill.  A pair of black boots will be fitted as part of the Uniform by the School Shop. Other items of uniform are provided free, however items that are lost will have to be paid for.