At Sedbergh we believe that Drama is about much more than putting on plays. With an inclusivity that lies at the heart of our educational ethos, pupils are encouraged to challenge their perceptions of themselves as both consumers and producers of Theatre.

With an early emphasis on new work, our Year 9 programme serves as an introduction to the fundaments of Theatre, developing the skills and ideas to allow pupils to become confident practitioners in their own right. By introducing the limitless opportunities for creativity and collaboration inherent in performance, we help them develop confidence, empathy and skills of delivery, production and leadership.

From that point on, there is no set route. To cater for the diversity of our pupils, Sedbergh offers a wide variety of dramatic activities, including whole-school plays, film projects, year-group productions, workshops, radio plays, theatre trips, Drama competitions and a well-developed tradition of House plays. We take productions to the Edinburgh Fringe and have undertaken a number of well-supported theatre tours.

For those interested in pursuing an academic course, our GCSE and A-Level studies provide opportunities for actors, directors and designers to explore their craft in a wider geographical and historical context. However, underpinning all our work is the importance of the ensemble: we firmly believe that Drama provides the most effective and exciting way to learn how to work with a variety of people, across age groups, in diverse disciplines.

Click here to view the production of Killed from Summer Term 2015