pupil playing piano

Music is in Our Soul

A typical Sedbergh music season sees a major Choral Cathedral performance, choral, orchestral, Swing or CCF Band international tours, Masterclasses and Performances given by leading international musicians and twice yearly Headmaster’s Concerts and Scholars’ Concerts. In addition there are the relaxed Muncheon Music concerts and numerous small informal Coffee Concerts which follow Chapel on Sundays.

All pupils are exposed to music – be it on Saturdays when pupils perform as soloists or in small ensembles in front of the School, or in the very competitive House Unisons choral competition. As a full boarding school, Sedbergh delivers the added benefit of the various choirs singing every Sunday in Chapel.

sedbergh music studio

The Sedbergh Philosophy

Sedbergh School has 500 boys and girls from 13-18 years, and it prides itself on preparing exceptional young people for Life. The School very much values the imagination and character that make each person an individual, and its Arts programme has been structured to encourage self-expression and confidence. Music plays a pivotal role in this philosophy.

Sedbergh understands that everyone discovers and enjoys music in many different forms, and its approach and broad musical foundation allows all pupils to explore their musical potential and express themselves through music. The individual tutoring and performance programmes also mean that it can extend its most able pupils as far as their talent can take them – which in many cases have been on to high level qualifications and international music study and careers.
This same philosophy exists in Sedbergh Junior School, where the boys and girls have access not only to their own full time music staff who specialise with the younger years, but also to the facilities and staff of the Senior School.

Each year a musical is staged involving virtually all the pupils and, as with the Senior School, there are various Choirs, ensembles, a Swing Band and a Brass Band. Particular emphasis is placed upon strings and brass, with free tuition offered to all beginners.