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Hard Decisions

As Headmaster, an important part of my role is to guide families through the decision-making process that leads to a successful educational outcome. The most common question I respond to is “How do we choose a Boarding House?”

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Headmaster's Blog - Grow Up and Act Your Age

The last two weeks have felt like the longest playground spat of my life. How many times have we heard the protest, “That’s not true, Sir.”? How many times we been told a selective version of the truth? And how many times have we been bamboozled by vacuous platitudes? The pupils in my, and a thousand other, school playgrounds could have resolved the independence question just as effectively as those in power.

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Headmaster's Blog - How to Write Your Personal Statement

Sometime in September pupils all over the country are confronted by the need to complete their Personal Statement in the UCAS form. Its importance is evident to all and for many applicants it becomes a daunting prospect, even a barrier to application. For some pupils there is the challenge of writing so much, whilst others wonder how to write so little. Getting started without resorting to anodyne clichés is always difficult. So how to go about it?

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Headmaster's Blog - Lucia Sdao, Head of Girls’ Sport

So long!  So long to recognise that competitive sport is good for the individual and for the school!  Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector - Ofsted, reiterates our long held views that competitive sport builds self-esteem and confidence in the individual but maybe not everyone appreciated the link with academic excellence, here at Sedbergh we have – role models, heads of school who are straight ‘A’ grade students and who represent both our 1st XI Hockey and 1st VII Netball teams...

Headmaster's Blog - The Fog of the Future

A big thank you to all those who supported our first Next Steps Careers Fair last week. It was great to see so many pupils discussing their futures with visitors and their peers and there can be no doubt as to the value of planning. There are so many wise old sayings which underline the importance of planning in securing a successful outcome and every one of them is true. So, the more that pupils can think about the future and then plan for it, the better. Thank you everyone for all your help.

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