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Headmaster's Blog - Six Degrees of Separation

We all know the theory of six degrees of separation; that it is possible to contact anyone, anywhere in the world through just six intermediaries.

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Headmaster's Blog - The end of Mornings?

Hampton Court House School in Surrey is delaying the start of Sixth Form lessons until 1.30pm in order to match the biorhythms of teenagers. The Headmaster tells us “As I drove to school this morning, I saw a whole line of teenagers with bleary eyes, staggering like zombies along the pavement to another school.”

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Headmaster's Blog - What determines what we’re Not

Today’s newspapers carry the news that the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams has entered the debate about whether Britain is a Christian country. It strikes me as unfortunate that a political point-scoring squabble between Cameron and Clegg has been given legitimacy by his intervention...

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Headmaster's Blog - Northern Independents Fight Back

Written for Times North www.timesnorth.co.uk 15th April 2014

Independent Schools in the North of England have long been tainted by the image of their better known peers in the South such as Eton for being elitist, if not anachronistic, a view reinforced by Ofsted Chief Inspector Michael Wilshaw claiming they were all “marooned on an island of privilege.”

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Mock exams are over and many pupils will be breathing a sigh of relief that the parents’ meeting that follows is behind them. Coursework and controlled assignments may be their priority now but parents should be aware that they might need to be addressing different priorities.

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