Academics Classics


introduction to academic studies

Sedbergh is focussed on providing the highest quality academic education for all its pupils and our curriculum is created with three priorities in mind:

  1. To provide pupils with the knowledge they need to understand their world and to make strong, well-informed decisions.
  2. To provide for a wide range of interests and talents so that pupils may study subjects they enjoy and will flourish in.
  3. To ensure they gain the highest qualifications which are most valued by universities in Britain, America and Europe.

year 9

The School’s main intake into Sedbergh is at Year 9, when pupils are 13 years old. This provides one year of education before pupils start exam courses. Pupils study 14 subjects which provide a broad knowledge base prior to commencing exam courses and establishes strong study habits that are an important element of examination success.

gcse (year 10 - 11)

A Levels are built on the foundations laid by GCSE exams. These too are widely recognised by universities and provide carefully planned preparation for A levels. Sedbergh offers NUMBER different GCSE courses and all pupils study English, maths, physics, chemistry and biology. Pupils are taught in classes which are set by ability enabling all our pupils to make the maximum progress. Extra lessons are easily arranged as all our teachers live on site or in close proximity to the School.

a levels (YEARS 12 - 13)

British A Levels have long been the “Gold Standard” of education because of their breadth and rigour. For this reason, they are the most widely accepted exams in top British universities and widely welcomed throughout the World. Unlike Baccalaureate programmes, they allow pupils to choose any combination of subjects according to their aspirations and interests, for example:

Medicine:            maths, biology, chemistry

Engineering:       maths, physics and chemistry

Business:             economics, geography, psychology

Architecture       maths, physics, art

Fine art                art, graphic design, music


At the same time, pupils who are unsure of their future plans can maintain a broad range of subjects which keeps their options open, for example: geography, French, maths, music. A Levels are a rigours programme of study which is sufficiently flexible to accommodate all interests and aspirations.