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Many of our international pupils choose to study in England as a means to improve their English and for all, it is imperative that this is a priority in support of their wider studies. It follows that the School has invested significantly in this area of its provision so that the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department is bright and spacious and very well staffed. English (EAL) lessons are taught to small groups of pupils of similar abilities by specialist teachers. These may either substitute mainstream English lessons or replace them, according to need. In addition, the EAL department offers informal support and Prep support.

It is also a place of pastoral care and the Head of EAL acts as mentor to many of our pupils. In addition, she is trained to train mainstream teachers in EAL teaching skills so that nearly 50% of Sedbergh School teachers have formal qualifications in teaching international pupils.


An important character of our school is the diverse nature of our community. We delight in the different range of talents our pupils bring and are committed to proving for their specific needs. Some Sedberghians are amongst the highest achieving academics of their age group and for them we offer 20 different Academic Societies including philosophy, medicine, economics, physics, history of art, debating, Academic Challenge competitions and many more. Our youngest academics may participate in the 9 STAR programme which introduce abstract thinking at a young age and promotes their conceptual development in preparation for Phoenix Society for Scholars in Years 10 & 11 and the Oxbridge and Ivy League preparation programme in Year 12 & 13. Along the way, pupils may visit, and stay in a Cambridge college to become familiar with the excitement of that academic environment.

9 star academic programme

STAR is designed to suit a small group of pupils with certain characteristics who should show prior evidence of mastery of the core subjects, motivation and organisation, and evidence of previous independent study.

The knowledge and skills that 9 STAR pupils will gain will enable them to acquire knowledge at a faster rate than their peers and thereby fill any gaps arising from differences in their curricular experience from their peers. They will have the confidence to step outside the mainstream curriculum for a part of their education and know that they will be able to return to examination classes without detriment.


Some pupils need a different form of support and may benefit from the skills ad small class sizes of our Learning Support Department. Here they will meet specialist teachers who are entirely focussed on supporting individuals in finding their most effective learning strategies, perhaps to overcome Specific Learning Difficulties. Our teachers are trained and specialise in supporting dyslexic and dyspraxic pupils as well as those who find academic studies difficult for a wide range of other reasons. Individual and small group lessons are available, drop-in sessions enable pupils to seek help as they require it and evening Prep support is offered.

Learning Support teachers work closely with subject specialists to ensure that all our pupils are taught according to their individual needs in mainstream lessons.