IT Equipment & Services

For a number of years, Sedbergh School have operated a bring your own device scheme.  As the use of digital technologies to enhance learning increases, we have set out some requirements and guidance to ensure pupils have full access to these opportunities.

Requirements & Guidance

All pupils are expected to have a laptop with a keyboard. Mobile Phones are not permitted for classroom-based work.

We strongly recommend that laptops run Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS and we have drawn up a suggested minimum specification based on operating system:

Windows 11 MacOS iPadOS*
Intel Core i5 / 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD M1 MacBook Air iPad 10th Generation with Keyboard

* Pupils who choose to use an iPad for their Schoolwork should note that some applications, including Microsoft Office, are not as fully-featured as they are on a Windows or MacOS device.

Parents who are exploring the purchase of a new device for their child may wish to consider a leasing option with HardSoft Computers.  A range of devices are available for selection, all of which will be pre-configured upon delivery to access the School’s IT Services and maximise pupil’s safety.

To spread the cost of ownership, devices are available via a 2 or 3-year leasing option and include accessories for device protection and Asset Protection Cover against accidental damage.  Orders placed prior to the 5th July will be available for the start of the Academic Year.

For device details and ordering please see below.

Additional Considerations

  • Digital Ink – The ability to write on the screen with a digital pen is advantageous.
  • Camera – Recommended, however this may be more appropriate for particular subject choices (for example Digital Media).
  • Headphones – All pupils should have a small pair of headphones to use in the classroom. These should be brought into school every day.
  • Protective Case – Pupils must ensure a protective bag or case is used.
  • Anti-virus Protection – If Windows or MacOS is properly updated, this should provide sufficient anti-virus and malware protection.

For any questions regarding this guidance or for any other IT related matters at Sedbergh School or Casterton Sedbergh Preparatory School please contact Mr Matt McVoy, Head of IT and Digital Strategy,

IT Accounts & Services

During induction all pupils are provided with a School email address and login details to access School IT services.

Access to the School’s IT Services are subject to the School’s eSafety and Acceptable Use Policy, available here.

All pupils are provided a license to use Microsoft Office. To download Microsoft Office, pupils should go to, log in with the relevant school email address, then click “Install Office” from the home screen.  Pupils using an iPad will download from the App Store and login using their details once the app is installed.

Pupils personal work files are kept online via OneDrive or Microsoft Teams enabling them to access these or other school resources anywhere in the world.

Setting up a device with a pupil’s full name will help with device security, identifying the owner should it be lost and help the IT department offer appropriate support.

Parents should be aware that whilst we will always do our very best to offer support and guidance to pupils we do not offer hardware repairs. We have a very limited stock of short-term loan machines to cover accidents and breakages; but cannot guarantee to provide one at all times or for extended periods.

Please ensure that equipment is covered by appropriate accidental damage/repair insurance and pupils must ensure a protective bag or case is used.

For Pupils resident overseas: In addition to the standard advice given, there are a couple of ways you can help to ensure your child is able to access the services available at Sedbergh quickly and smoothly.

  • Please change the ‘Display Language’ to English on your child’s computer operating system.
  • Please ensure your child has an adaptor(s) that enables their charger(s) to plug into the British 3 pin mains electricity supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the device be used in every lesson?

The curriculum is devised to make the best possible use of the devices and technology available to support your child’s learning. There are however times when it is best that traditional methods of learning are utilised. The curriculum will therefore be based around a balance of the two approaches. Devices will not replace the importance of the pupil’s writing with pen on paper, but we recognise the ever-increasing importance of pupils being digitally confident by the time they leave school at 18.

We already have a device, must I purchase a new one?

If the device meets the recommended specification outlined above, there is no need to purchase a new device.

Do certain subjects have specific requirements for a device?

As the pupils move through the school and select more specialist subject options, they may find it beneficial to have a device which is more tailored to the needs of their course choices. Your subject teachers will be able to guide individuals further in this respect, for instance, pupils taking Digital Media as a subject may find software is optimised for use on the Apple MacBook and/or Apple iPad.

For any questions regarding this guidance or for any other IT related matters at Sedbergh School or Casterton Sedbergh Preparatory School please contact Mr Matt McVoy, Head of IT and Digital Strategy,