Mr Newman’s Top Tips on Recording a Video

Over the next few weeks several of our daily challenges will require you to take a video to send to us via Twitter. Whether you are using a mobile phone, or a tablet, here are some top tips to make sure the finished result is as good as possible:

  1. Landscape not portrait: By filming your video in landscape (horizontal) format, you will avoid having a narrow video, with black bars down each side, when you upload it to Twitter.
Landscape is best for videos filmed on phones or tablets
  1. Noise reduction: mobile phones and tablets are amazing devices but do not have the best microphones. Try and record your video in a quiet place with as little surrounding noice as possible, so we can hear you.
  2. Lighting behind the camera: Try to avoid having a window or bright light behind the person or subject of your video, as this will result in them appearing darker than normal. Put the source of light behind the camera if possible.
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  1. Steady hand: Try and ask someone to film the video for you rather than doing it yourself. This will help to make the video less shaky. Or prop the device up on a safe, flat surface. A shaky film can make the viewer feel a little seasick!
Way Of The Wolf Final

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