Dear Parent

Last Friday’s poetry competition was a wonderful way in which to round off the week, with a full house in the Tom Penny Theatre and an atmosphere of anticipation and expectation.

Under such circumstances, you might be forgiven for thinking that the poets themselves might have felt the pressure but there was barely a hint of nerves in their performances on the day and they all have every reason to feel proud of themselves. The group winners of Daisy Hoskin, Oliver Simpson and Sophia Roe stood out just a little bit more than their peers, but all of Rawthey celebrated their House victory in fine voice!

On Saturday morning I was pleased to spend a ‘Power Hour’ with some of the boys and girls from the Elderberries as we brushed up on our cricket skills in the Sports Hall. With the help of my four ‘sports assistants’ from the boarding house and the enthusiasm of mums and dads, we got through a lot of action in a short space of time, made excellent progress and, most importantly, had a lot of fun. We are running more sessions in the summer term so the Aussies of 2038 had better watch out… 

At the time of writing, the House Music Competition is still to take place but I cannot wait to see the passion for all things ‘House-based’ to be channelled into their choral work! It could go one of two ways…!

Finally, I can’t sign off without reflecting on my first experience of the Wilson Run, won by Jamie MacMillan (SH) and Georgina Boyd-Moss (L) on Tuesday, with House honours going to Evans and Robertson. In an event that is uniquely Sedberghian I saw the deep connection with the School that is felt by all who watch, support, compete and come back year after year just to be part of it. It must be a simply magical feeling to be able to compete as a pupil, to be cheered on around the course and then turn Library Corner into the home straight. Genuinely spine tingling stuff.

Have a great holiday, everyone!


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