“Man’s best support is a very dear friend.” (Cicero)

This week I had the pleasure of talking to the Lower School about cantilever bridges, Clifton Suspension Bridge, arches and keystones. We also got our hands on some crutches and practised triangular bandage slings. Engineering, steel and plastic will support most things but schools are made of relationships and our support for each other comes from kindness, inclusion and looking out for each other. It was lovely to hear so many of our Stars of the Week winning their awards for just such reasons.

Harriet Barker was brave enough to topple backwards from a chair (stiff as a plank as well – top marks) into the waiting arms of her friends whom she trusted to support her. I shared her joy at being caught safely, since it may otherwise been my last act as Headmaster.

Support for your child’s learning at home can, of course, be done through many ways: providing them with the time and space to complete prep independently; to promote reading wherever you can; to prize effort over achievement. CJ Simister’s book, ‘The Bright Stuff’, describes a host of different games and activities that will promote various attributes such as persistence and problem-solving.

For instance, a simple way to kindle their curiosity is to model open-ended questions with the ‘What if?’ game: ‘What if everyone lived to 200?’ or ‘What if animals could talk?’

At the time of writing, Australia trail England by 176 runs with six wickets remaining on the second day of the first Ashes test. A finely balanced game – something tells me they may need our support as well over the coming weeks…

Have a great exeat weekend,


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