Dear Parent

It has been a real pleasure to get back to School this last week-and-a-bit: the children all seem to be on very top form and enjoying the different ‘feel’ of the summer term. I have to say it was an absolute joy to join the boarders on Sunday evening as they got stuck into some yard cricket (with associated ‘local’ rules!), tennis and the accompanying soundtrack, courtesy of the new House speaker system. We have been less lucky with the weather since then but I remain an eternal optimist!

I have personally enjoyed many, many school tours as both a boy and as a teacher. I can still remember each one with great fondness and the various stories that emerged over the days and nights away with friends. Although a key ingredient, in many ways the sport or the music are just a part of something bigger – the personal growth and sense of identity that comes as part of the ‘tour experience’ is why we remain committed to providing as many of these opportunities as possible.

The sports department, led by Ellie Wallis, did a great job in arranging and running a magical tour to the UAE over Easter. The children were marvellous ambassadors for the School, their conduct prompting several impromptu emails to me, singing their praises. The Senior Chamber Choir are currently in the midst of their tour to Blenheim and Oxford, where I know they will also be banking memories and experiences to last a lifetime, performing in some of the most spectacular venues one could hope to visit. Again – a huge thank you to Miss Micklethwaite and all the staff that have helped to make this happen.

I have been busy gathering various quotes for an Easter 2019 Ski Trip, which is proposed in a separate letter. In the coming days, I will be able to share the entire programme of residential trips proposed for the coming academic year.
Over the course of the last week, I have been able to share my vision for the curriculum developments here at the Prep School and I have been overwhelmed by the positive response from the parent body. On Monday, I presented these plans to all of Years 6 and 7, who were equally enthused by what they heard. It is clearly imperative that the whole community share the same vision and ethos, so it has been tremendously rewarding to get such excellent feedback. Thank you – it is greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend!


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