This week I have spoken to the current Year 7s, who now have the chance to apply for a position of service and responsibility for the remainder of the summer term. 

Those that are successful will then take charge of various aspects of daily life at the school, whether it be the organisation of the changing rooms, acting as a subject monitor or helping at lunch. The reasoning behind this is to look ahead to Year 8, where some pupils will be asked to occupy various positions of leadership from Heads of Day House or Head Chorister, to Head Girl and Boy. 

There will be opportunities throughout the year for the children to further their cause and pick up additional roles – proving themselves willing to do the small, unsung jobs in the meantime will show the staff that they are in a position to accept roles of greater responsibility. 

In his book on the All Blacks’ culture of success, Legacy, James Kerr describes the willingness of the team’s poster boys to take their turn to stay behind and sweep the changing rooms after a test match, noting that, ‘Successful leaders balance pride with humility.’ Quite so.

It has been another busy week at the Prep School, with a visit to the Lancaster University Science Festival, theatre at the Senior School and a morning in Reception for our Elderberries from the Mulberry Bush. At the time of writing, I am yet to enjoy the Exeat Concert which will include the Senior Chamber Choir’s repertoire from their recent tour of Oxford.

Enjoy the weekend and the promised heatwave!


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