Computer Build Club Launch School Flight Simulator

Let us introduce you to Core i5, the Year 7 and 8 computer build club at the Prep School. The members are all passionate about understanding computers and meet during break times in our Design, Technology and Engineering block, to strip and rebuild the machines. This term they have been looking at ways to improve the performance of computers and understanding the value of upgrading and changing individual components.

Img 2581
Img 2581

The group have been using spares and repairs from obsolete computers with an aim to build a gaming computer on which to run Microsoft Flight Simulator. They have mined second hand working parts, RAM, motherboard and graphics card from the old machines to build a gaming case complete with cooling fans. The team have problem solved to ensure compatibility between parts from various computers and have already discovered that they need to upgrade and replace an overheating graphics card in order to run the simulator game in high definition across three monitors.

Using a flight deck console from Sedbergh School and with help from the Head of DTE and Computer Science, Mrs Thompson and the IT Team, Core i5 have created a unique resource for pupils and staff on which to test their piloting skills. However they are not sitting still and are already planning upgrades to their computer in order to improve the user experience.

Our Computer Science Department and Core i5 are always looking for unused computers to use for their future activities. If you have any at home that are no longer in use please do contact Mrs Thompson at

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