We are delighted to announce that Sedbergh Prep are now the 2016 Hammond Cup Shooting Champions. The Hammond Cup is a National Prep Schools prone supported .22” Rifle Competition, which was shot by our team of four at a distance of 25m on the indoor range at Sedbergh. This is infact the very first competition entered by the fledgling shooting squad at Sedbergh Prep, beating the previous record by 9 points.

The whole squad have been practicing hard for several months at their own 10m air rifle range at Sedbergh Prep, learning the basics of marksmanship, posture, anatomy and the psychology of shooting. Starting the sport as complete novices, much has been achieved in those few precious moments the squad have to practice during the busy life of the school.

The winning team are:

Sarah 99pts   Out of 100

Rosie   99pts

Felix    99pts

Oliver  97pts  

Team Total 394 out of 400 a new record score for the Hammond Cup.

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