A very happy New Year to all – I hope that everyone enjoyed the holidays and the opportunity to spend some time with their loved ones. After a long, busy term I know that the children all deserved some rest and recuperation and I am sure they made the most of their downtime.

That said, the cross country on Wednesday certainly signalled a return to Sedbergh Prep School values, with every child from Year 3 to Year 6 taking part in the South Lakeland cross country trials, hosted and brilliantly organised by our own Dick Gorst. Over 550 pupils from neighbouring primary schools made their way around our usual course, made particularly testing by the muddy conditions underfoot.

There were a significant number of shoes (and even socks!) lost en route but the children’s enthusiasm for a challenge was never in doubt. The support shown to each other by schoolmates and competitors alike was particularly heart warming and represented what great sport should be all about – something bigger than the actual event at hand.

The Sedbergh pupils ran with characteristic gusto, securing first placed team in half of the races, with several individual wins and places. With a large number of our Year 7 and 8 pupils helping to act as hares or tortoises in each of the six races, as well as assistants to the visiting schools, this was genuinely a whole-school effort.

In the 24 hours since the event, we have received numerous compliments from visiting schools on the quality of the care and attention they received from our ‘student ambassadors’ – well done, everyone!

You can read a more detailed report from Dick Gorst here – https://www.sedberghschool.org/prep-news/over-500-runners-compete-in-cross-country-trials-at-sedbergh-prep

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Katy Douglas will be moving on at the end of the academic year. Katy and her husband, Stuart, have been appointed as Heads of Design and Technology to the prep and senior divisions of Rugby School, Thailand, located south of Bangkok.

Although very happy here, the lure of an Eastern Adventure for the family is too hard to turn down and together with Noah and Ted, we wish them well.

Looking further ahead in the calendar this term, I would just like to mention that parents would be very welcome to join us as we host a talk from the author, Chris Bradford, on Monday 26th February. Just let the Office know which age group’s presentation would suit you best.

Very best wishes


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