A tense battle was fought between the four Prep School, school houses last week. Each house was represented by 2 pupils from Y6, Y7 and Y8 and with buzzers at the ready, Mr Raw announced the rules for the challenge.

A series of questions about history (of course), music, literature, geography, French and General Knowledge were fielded at the contestants. Fierce competitiveness ensued, especially over the accuracy of the buzzers and the audience watched with bated breath as the competition progressed.

Lune soon took the lead, ably assisted by the Overends, Thomas’, James Clough and Rosie Palmer. Dee chased until the end but Lune retained their lead and won by 2 points. 3rd place went to Rawthey and 4th place to Wenning.

A huge thank you to Mr Raw for being Question Master and bringing the obligatory buzzers, staff who wrote the questions and the pupils who astounded the audience with their wide knowledge.

The teams consisted of:

Dee: Polina Whitehead, Jack Towers, Max Armitage, Grade Eddleston, James Griffin and Imogen Hunt.

Lune: Jonquil Overend, Miles Thomas, Erica Overend, James Clough, Rosie Palmer and Ed Thomas.

Rawthey: Heather Booth, Fenn Chapman, Scarlett Holden, Jack Chatterley, Lucie West and Felix Bull.

Wenning: Mille Gunning, Oliver Fidler, Sam Gunning, Keira Butler, Alice Dunning and Tommy Calvert.

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