Are you a good sports parent? How to achieve the magic balance by John Fletcher
Tom Penny Theatre
Tuesday 12th March
6.30 arrival for 7.00pm start 
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We are very pleased to welcome John Fletcher, co-founder of The Magic Academy, England Rugby Under 18 Elite Player Pathway and former Head Coach of the Newcastle Falcons Academy, on Tuesday 12th March, for an evening designed for parents of children of all ages and at all levels in sport.

As parents and guardians we play an important role in the sporting development and experiences of our children. However, supporting children in sport brings its own demands, such as the commitment of extensive time, money, and emotional energy.

It can be hard for parents to know how best to encourage their children, whether as spectators, deciding what sports to introduce their child to or even providing the right equipment.

What we say and do can have both positive and negative effects on our child’s sporting experiences, be they 5 or 15 years old. You are invited to join John for a presentation that will be packed full of advice, hints and strategies to help you be the best sports parent you can be, ensuring your child builds a lifelong love of sport.

Please reserve your place by completing this form (one per person). Please note that places are limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

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Join Us For An Evening With John Fletcher Sedbergh Junior School 2

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