On Monday afternoon, an A and B team from Sedbergh Prep travelled to Pendle Vale College, Nelson, to compete in the North West Kids’ Lit Quiz Competition, the winners of which would travel to London to compete in the National Final and then onto Auckland, New Zealand to play in the World Final.

Nineteen hopeful teams were present and they were required to answer ten challenging questions on ten different themes in literature ranging from orphans to fantasy, plants to partnerships, trilogies to animal rights. Both teams gave of their best and worked brilliantly together.

Although the B team (Ed Gray, Annora Milburn, Grace Eddleston and James Clough) finished 19th, their final score showed that they had successfully managed to answer nearly 50% of the taxing questions on literature accurately.

The A team, consisting of Rosie Hattam, Keira Butler, Jack Chatterley and Erica Overend, was delighted to win a team prize and a selection of books for scoring the most points in one of the rounds and they were proud to finish 8th in the North West of England with an impressive score of 70/100.

A highly memorable occasion was enjoyed by all and everyone who represented Sedbergh should be extremely proud of their knowledge of literature, their ability to work as a team and their desire to be excellent ambassadors for the School.

Kids’ Lit Quiz Competition 2017 Sedbergh Junior School 2
Kids’ Lit Quiz Competition 2017 Sedbergh Junior School 3

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