Mr Newman’s Daily Message: 22 March 2020

Dear Parent

I hope the weekend has gone well and that you have enjoyed a sunny Mother’s Day as best you can under the circumstances. 

Monday morning will be busy and there may well be wrinkles in the system that will need ironing out. The most important things to hold on to our wellbeing and happiness at this stage, so please don’t worry if you miss a registration slot, if the WiFi packs up or you can’t get Teams to work! 

Send your feedback on specific lessons directly to the teacher. This is an email for children in Reception to Year 3, and a chat in Teams for pupils in Years 4 – 8. 

If your child is having difficulty using Teams, then they can likely find an answer by posting a query to their class. If not, chat with the teacher concerned in Teams.

To keep email for staff to a minimum, if you have any questions or indeed good news stories then please send them to me:

Children in Years 7 and 8 are asked to log onto Teams at 8.30am and let their Form Tutor know they are there by posting a message.

Year 6 follow at 8.40am and Year 5 at 8.50am.

Parents of children in Years 4 and below need only confirm receipt of the morning email at some point before lunch.

As I said, if none of the above is easy at first please don’t worry as we can register retrospectively if necessary.

With best wishes


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