Mr Newman’s Daily Message: 23 March 2020

CSPS Daily Message 2: 23.03.20

Dear Parent

Welcome to the second Daily Message towards the end of what, no doubt, has been as strange a day for you as for us.

I hope that the children have had fun at home and embraced the challenge of remote learning. Equally, I hope that it has not felt overwhelming for you as parents. Staying positive, sunny and happy trumps meeting a deadline so please do not worry if work gets turned in later than hoped for.

It has been a pretty remarkable day for the Prep School, with so many Ways of the Wolf on show. Congratulations to those who have bagged themselves a Headmaster’s Award, but don’t worry if your name is not here yet as there is still plenty of the term left!

Congratulations on such a bright start to the week and I cannot wait to see what you produce on Day Two. You make me proud.


Mariella Mycielska
Tilly Hynes
Scarlett Harrison
Fin Irwin
Christian Lauretani
Rose Seymour
Renée Bolton-Price

Elsie-May Dancy

Lydia Hulme

With best wishes


Way Of The Wolf Final

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