Mr Newman’s Daily Message: 25 March 2020

CSPS Daily Message 4: 25.03.20

Dear Parent

Once again, I have been desperately filling in the Headmaster’s Awards for the day, which continues to speak volumes for the pupils’ approach.

I want also to pay tribute to the efforts of all of you in supporting your children at home. In some cases it will have been pretty intense, but I am pleased to hear tales of increased independence after only three days of distance learning. If anyone wants to nominate themselves for a special Parent Headmaster’s Award then please send me an email ( with some pictures or a video and I will be sure to publish tomorrow. Deadline is 2pm sharp and I look forward to reviewing the entries!

At the risk of repeating myself, staying healthy, doing our bit for the collective effort and keeping positive are far and away the most important aspects of this week so thanks for keeping your kids smiling and laughing through the sticky patches. They are learning, maturing and developing in all sorts of ways right now and I often find myself coming back to all the silver linings to the cloud that now surrounds us.

Final thumbs up for the staff, many of whom are not 100% but battling on like the Sedberghians they are. #collaboration # courage


Julia F
Daisy H
Olivia H
William S
Mariella M
Zachary E
Ella S
Toby C
David J
Will B
Alice E
Jamie T
Ethan Ball
Benjamin A
Suzie S
Spencer O
Renée B-P
Jacob D
Rafferty C
Tilly M
Bronte K

Henry Coke

Elsie-May Dancy
Emma Queen-Fryer
Katherine Vereker
Imogen Shellcross
Louis Hoskin

Olivia Hubbard
Digby Mycielski
Hattie Newman

Scarlett Bolton-Price

Scarlett Pillinger
Daisy Fielding

With best wishes


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