Mr Newman’s Daily Message: 26 March 2020

CSPS Daily Message 5: 26.03.20

Dear Parent

It is not easy to find the words to express my feelings of pride in the character shown by your children and the dedication shown by their teachers. On either side of the screen, they have exceeded all expectations and found a way to bring Sedbergh Prep School alive in a time of crisis. They should all take real pride in their achievements and attitude.

We are in some ways fortunate to have had the chance to trial this system over the last four days with the possibility of continued closure as we approach the summer term. Please, please provide all the feedback – good and bad – that you can directly to me ( so we can review and refine our processes. It would be most useful to have this by the end of the weekend whilst it is still fresh in everyone’s mind and we have sufficient lead time to action and changes.

I would urge you all to keep the Sedbergh community thriving over the course of the holidays – I am sure you need little encouragement – since the feeling of family and community has, in a strange way, never been stronger. It will sustain us all through what are going to be some tough and uncertain times.

I will follow with my traditional letter in the coming days, where I look forward to focusing on some sunnier topics and those awards that have not quite made today’s deadline!

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay Sedbergh.



Katie Woodhouse
Florence Hynes
Grace Goligher
Annabel Hinds
Martha Hubbard
Lili Guthrie
Jack DeGroote
Isabella Kay-Shuttleworth
Emily-Pearl Ayling
Zachery Engel
Huw Griffiths
Sam Burns

Alice Eddleston
Elsie-May Dancy
Betsy Harrison

Florence Hynes
Reuben Taylor
George Scarr
Charlie Hodgson
Ava Cunningham

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