Mr Newman’s Friday E-ssembly: 12 February 2021

Mr Newman’s ‘Responsibility’ E-ssembly

Dear Parents

Congratulations to one and all on making it to half term in one piece. Over the course of today, Form Tutors will have been discussing with you the progress that your children are making and listening to you in return. It is this two-way dialogue that is so important at the moment. Please click this link, which is for parents in Years 5 to 8 to declare their interest in further meetings with subject teachers immediately after half term. Once we understand the volume of requests we will let you know how they will be arranged.

Rebekah Dallas will be announcing a range of reading activities as part of our Spring into Reading initiative and some of you might like to start creating your World Book Day outfit for 4 March. This would tie neatly into my request for videos on scenes from your favourite book or film, collaborating with friends and family in readiness for the next assembly on collaboration. I am looking forward to receiving some entertaining clips by Weds 24 February. Please send them in to and remember to film them in landscape!

Finally, I would like to thank you all for the support that you have shown your children over the last five weeks. I am sure that it will not all have been plain sailing and there will have been some dips and troughs in amongst everything else. They (and we) are lucky to have you.

Have a fabulous (screen-free) week


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