Mr Newman’s Friday E-ssembly: 15 January 2021

Mr Newman’s ‘Ambition’ E-ssembly

Dear Parents

Those of you that were on board last summer will be forgiven for a sense of history repeating as we launched back into remote learning this week. I am delighted with the way both they and – especially – those new to our programme have so quickly got up to speed and into the swing of things. Well done everyone – parents included! – and thank you for the generous comments coming back our way already. It really makes a difference to our hard-working staff.

Towards the end of next week we will send out a survey to get more detailed feedback on various aspects of the remote education package so please take a moment to provide your thoughts. Elsewhere in this email, parents will also find a reminder to respond to the Remote Sports Survey. Many thanks in advance.

The theme of this week’s e-ssembly is that of ‘ambition‘; of setting the bar high no matter what the circumstances. I hope that your children find something in there that resonates with them and perhaps provides a bit of light relief at the end of a long week.

Finally, could I take the chance to thank all the hard-working members of the Friends of Sedbergh Prep whose initiative and enthusiasm for the online Christmas auction and raffle raised a phenomenal £3,412 that will soon be put to good use on campus improvements. I look forward to sharing our plans with you in due course.

Have a great weekend!


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