Mr Newman’s Friday E-ssembly: 22 January 2021

Mr Newman’s ‘Kindness’ E-ssembly

Dear Parents

I do hope you have had another good week and that the awful weather at worst only dampened your spirits and not your basements. This week’s E-ssembly focuses on kindness and it was a total delight to see a healthy number of videos coming back my way. Seeing and hearing from so many pupils was my perfect antidote against ‘second week syndrome’ and I hope that the video will also help you to maintain our sense of community.

As promised, now that we are well underway we want to know how things are working out for you at home. I would be very grateful if you could please spend a couple of minutes over the weekend on this form – one for each child, please – so that we can address any themes in a timely fashion.

We are dropping down from timetabled lessons on Monday for a Burn’s Night-themed day of activities and projects with a Scottish twist. I am sure that the children will enjoy both the tasks and also the time away from screens. If they have any questions then please ask them to touch base with their Form Tutor.

Have a lovely weekend everyone


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