Mr Newman’s Friday E-ssembly: 22 May 2020

Mr Newman’s E-ssembly: 22nd May 2020

Dear Parent

The whistle has blown for half time and the teams are jogging back to the changing rooms. A couple of them have picked up a knock or two, their team mates are slapping them on the back and they will be ready for a Lucozade.

Meanwhile, the coaches have shouted themselves horse, the supporters’ thoughts have turned towards the burger van and the referee is in desperate need of a cup of tea.

We all need a break…!

For this to happen, we are encouraging all pupils to step back from screens for the duration of half term. Year 6 and below can cuddle up with a book if they are enjoying some quiet time.

Attached is a letter regarding assessment week for Years 7 and 8. This will take place in the week beginning the 8th May, but please don’t let that create mad panic! These tests will not carry the same weight as normal years since they cannot be taken under exam conditions. Some pupils may wish to engage in measured revision but short bursts, with good old-fashioned flash cards, is certainly the best approach.

It is also important that staff have the chance to step back from the computer and so I would respectfully ask that they are not contacted over the course of next week. If you need to contact the School then please use Prep Office ( in the first instance, and Jane and Emma will reach out to senior leaders as necessary.

I hope that meetings with Form Tutors have gone well today; it will have been really helpful in shaping our provision for the rest of the Summer Term. Some of your children will be stepping back into School on 1st June (fingers crossed) but this is a chance to reassure all parents that the remote learning of those still unable to return will be unaffected.

I have to finish with some sad news, I am afraid. Nick Dutnall will be known to most of the School community; if not by name then by his unfailingly cheerful, ever-willing and upbeat personality. Tragically, Nick died suddenly last week, back at his cottage on the doorstep of Casterton Fell. He had returned to his beloved golf course only that afternoon.

Nick was more than a colleague to us; he was a dear friend and we have all been rocked by his passing. The children will also be upset to hear and I will leave parents to judge how best to pass on this difficult news. We will, of course, be celebrating his life and his time with the School in the proper way once restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, I am sure you will join us in holding both him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Apologies to Mr Gorst that I could not include his wonderful and uplifting blessing, sung by different church communities across the country. I would hate for anyone to miss out so please do take a look by clicking here– you won’t be disappointed and it will certainly lift your spirits.

Have a wonderful week – may the sun shine and your garden prosper!

Best wishes


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