Mr Newman’s Friday E-ssembly: 29 January 2021

Mr Newman’s ‘Creativity’ E-ssembly

Dear Parent

It was with disappointment, though perhaps not surprise, that we heard the continued closure of schools at least for part of the next half term. As I have said to many parents in the last few days or so, we will continue to put our best foot forward and focus on making our remote learning as productive as possible. As soon as we are provided with clarity, the School will communicate our plans to you.

Many thanks to those of you who completed the feedback form on the weekend. It was overwhelmingly positive and staff have really appreciated hearing your kind words. We picked up the theme that lunchtime is a little too short as it stands and so have adapted the lesson timings for Years 5 to 8. We will also continue to keep an eye on the total screen time required of the children and staff will always try to ‘mix it up’ as the weeks go by.

We are planning another Drop Down Day on Friday 12th Feb in celebration of Chinese New Year and this will provide Form Tutors with the chance to meet with parents and pupils together. Save the date for now, with details of how to book an appointment to follow shortly. In the meantime, parents should be reassured that if your child’s engagement is a real concern, their Form Tutor would have been in contact with you by now.

Many thanks for all of the contributions to this week’s e-ssembly, on the theme of creativity. Some will appear in future videos since this week’s is already rather long! Thanks also to the staff who brought genuine tears of laughter to my otherwise screen-tastic week.

Have a cracking weekend


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