Mr Newman’s Friday E-ssembly: 5 February 2021

Mr Newman’s ‘Courage’ E-ssembly

Dear Parents

I hope that this email finds you all well and that your children are in good spirits. I think it is fair to say that the fourth week may be the hardest – quite a way into term and not quite close enough to the break for that final push to the line. Next week they have this to work towards and we are setting another ‘drop down’ day on Friday 12th February, to celebrate Chinese New Year and break away from the screens again.

It also provides us with a chance that day to hold Form Tutor meetings with parents and discuss your child’s progress and response to remote learning before heading into the half term holiday. Form Tutors will be getting in touch with you to schedule a meeting via Zoom or your child’s Teams account. Subject teachers will have provided feedback to Form Tutors in advance, so that they can cover all the bases in this first meeting. On Friday afternoon’s mailing, we will then provide a link to request any subject specific meetings that you might wish to have after half term.

As we return to remote learning after the holiday, the Prime Minister has promised to provide a roadmap towards normality and greater clarity on when and how schools might re-open. It is possible that this approach may be phased from 8 March by year group, in which case we will adapt the timetable and pick up a hybrid means of teaching both in-class and remotely for the remaining three weeks of term.

Like many families, the Newman clan has set aside some evenings to gather together for film nights. You will have noticed that I am running through our Ways of the Wolf on E-ssemblies and my plan is to come back after half term to the theme of Collaboration. As an early heads up, I will be asking families to work either within their own household or (virtually) with another family or two to recreate famous scenes from the movies! I will say more on this next week, but no doubt some will want to begin storyboarding and costume design….my fingers are crossed that there will only be one more E-ssembly needed after that!

Best wishes


Way Of The Wolf Final

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