Mr Newman’s Friday E-ssembly: 8 May 2020

Mr Newman’s E-ssembly: 8th May 2020

Dear Parent

I trust this email finds you all still well and managing our new ways of living and learning. The major thrust of today’s message is to encourage the pupils to show responsibility for themselves and others through the course of lockdown and draw upon the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ mentality of the home front during WWII. I am indebted to Mr Follett, Head of History at Sedbergh Senior School, whose e-ssemblies on VE Day were entertaining, informative and moving; Thank you, Rupert. Today your children have been given a break from their usual timetable and have been encouraged to recognise this historic day as best we can under such extreme circumstances. I hope that they have had fun in the process and enjoyed the change of scene.

Thank you to all who provided feedback on last week’s survey of remote learning. The response was very positive, but has also prompted thought and reflection on aspects of our delivery. Careful thought is being given to ways in which we can control screen time, a more flexible approach to extra-curricular activities, means to encourage friends to socialise online and continuing professional development in aspects of remote teaching to include feedback and individual support. Over the next few days the senior management team will also contact individual families where we think we can help directly with technical and other issues.

Thank you so much for helping us to better understand the ‘chalk face’ experience of remote learning; we will repeat the process as necessary since these things will certainly change over time.

Very best wishes and have a lovely weekend.


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