Sedbergh Prep School hosted the South Lakeland District Cross Country Trials on Wednesday. With strong winds and rain forecasted, the event was in the balance. However, the winds abated in the morning, so the decision was made to go ahead. The afternoon did threaten wind and lashing rain, at times, but on the whole it kept away. Underfoot was a different matter with deep, slippery mud being the order of the day.

A staggering 549 runners took part from 29 schools in six races, which included a strong contingent from the prep school. The day started brightly for Sedbergh Prep, with Poppy Carnochan pipping Elsie Barker to win the Under 9 girls race, and along with Harriette Smith (6) and Daniela Brighetti (12), the girls won the team event. The Under 9 boys race saw Blake Hulme (11) and Hamish Holden (14) run strongly in the mud, as the boys finished equal 4th team.

Scarlett Harrison showed talent in the Under 10 girls race, to finish 6th. In a good field the girls did well to finish 3rd team. Jack Barker led the Under 10 race for 99% of it, but was overtaken in the last few strides. The boys finished 4th.

The best quality field was the Under 11 girls race, so it was great to see Millie Gunning mixing it at the front, as she came home 5th. Polina Whitehead (13), Abigail Cass (14) and Heather Booth (15) all had a good day, as the girls finished 2nd. Joe DeGroote was Sedbergh’s first boy home in the Under 11 race, and the team came home 6th. 

Days like these are wonderful memories for children.

M.I.C Mr R Gorst

Phenomenal Turn Out At Cross Country Trials Sedbergh Junior School 2
U9 Boys Results
Individual Performances
1Simon RigbySt Oswald’s, Burneside05:38
2Jamie NoreciHeron Hill05:41
3Leo RannerSt Thomas CE05:54
4Miles FieldhouseHawkshead06:00
5Alfie AddisonHeron Hill06:04
6George McCabeSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale06:05
7Alex GrahamConiston CE06:08
8Euan WellsSedbergh Primary06:09
9Andrew MitchellSedbergh Primary06:09
10James Vyner-BrooksSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale06:11
11Blake HulmeSedbergh Prep A06:18
12Jed PickeringStaveley CE06:21
13Blake FlemingLeven Valley CE06:23
14Hamish HoldenSedbergh Prep A06:24
15Joshua CrookAmbleside CE06:28
16Josh ToddSt Thomas CE06:31
17Alfie ToddSt Thomas CE06:32
18Leon RobinsonHeron Hill06:32
19Vincent LaceyGrange CE06:35
20Noah EllerayStaveley CE06:37
21William DawsonSedbergh Primary06:40
22Leon ParkerWindermere School06:41
23Finn HansonLeven Valley CE06:45
24Liam PinderSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere06:46
25Jude EvansStaveley CE06:46
26Evan GoreGhyllside06:47
27Jamie ParrySedbergh Prep A06:48
28Harvey ShawLindale CE06:48
29Keaton Wade-WilsonWindermere School06:49
30Oliver WilkinsonStaveley CE07:50
31Ewan BlackGhyllside07:51
32Kodey StaffordGhyllside07:56
33Ethan GeorgeGrange CE07:56
34Connor GreenStramongate07:00
35Edward RichardsonSedbergh Primary07:01
36Charlie IrwinSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere07:02
38Hayden HodgsonLindale CE07:04
39Isaac MittonSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale07:05
40Harry VinallSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere07:06
41Alexander SmithArnside National07:09
42Alfie KeelerSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale07:10
43Sam OsborneSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere07:10
44Toby AclandGhyllside07:12
45Henry KeySedbergh Prep A07:14
46Sid UrryCastle Park07:17
47Blake AireyCastle Park07:18
48Corey GoodyearHeron Hill07:21
49Rio AtkinsonSt Thomas CE07:25
50Isaac Price-WalterSedbergh Prep B07:26
51Bradley WrightSt Mark’s, Natland07:30
52Billy LewisWindermere School07:31
53Oswin ChenAmbleside CE07:32
54Sammy BarnettAmbleside CE07:35
55Will BrayshawHeron Hill07:40
56Iestyn MorganStaveley CE07:41
57Jake QuarryGhyllside07:41
58Ben MortDean Barwick07:42
59James Kay-ShuttleworthSedbergh Prep B07:43
60William BirchallSedbergh Prep A07:45
61Jack BourneVicarage Park07:46
62Oliver ArmitageSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere07:46
63Alfie AllanSt Mark’s, Natland07:49
64Neo BrownellSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere07:50
65Jack DawsonSedbergh Primary07:54
66Daniel AtkinAmbleside CE07:56
67Lewis SpeddingArnside National07:58
68Matthew BaileyGrange CE07:59
69Max WhiteheadSedbergh Prep B08:00
70James HazlewoodSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale08:03
71Idris IllingworthGrange CE08:05
72William OgdenWindermere School08:10
73Malik HoughtonArnside National08:14
74Lewis SedgwickSedbergh Primary08:15
75Dawson SpenceSedbergh Prep B08:16
76George GarbuttGhyllside08:17
77George StephensGhyllside08:18
78Oliver SimpsonSedbergh Prep B08:20
79Charlie HodgsonSedbergh Prep A08:20
80Mackenzie TheidemanSt Mark’s, Natland08:21
81Benjamin OwenArnside National08:24
82Frankie FeltonArnside National08:25
83Marly GilmoreArnside National08:25
84Bobby WilkinAmbleside CE08:26
85Zack CapstickAmbleside CE08:28
86Tristan JonesGhyllside08:29
87James FlahertyStramongate08:29
88Leo KelsallStramongate08:31
89Jameson LawsonHeron Hill08:36
90Sebastian MillsSedbergh Prep B08:38
91James HarkerSedbergh Prep B08:45
92Austin WoodburnVicarage Park08:46
93Jack BarkerSt Mark’s, Natland08:48
94Louis KeensArnside National08:54
95William CokeSedbergh Prep B08:59
96Max FurnessAmbleside CE09:00
97Charlie GoddardArnside National09:08
98Erno KusnyarAmbleside CE09:13
99Moses HerdSedbergh Prep B09:56
100Joseph BrittAmbleside CE09:59
101Toby BurnsSedbergh Prep B10:15
102Jack ThackerHeversham St Peter’s CE10:21
103Harry HardingArnside National10:23
104Harry BurrowsGrange CE10:25
105Charlie CarterAmbleside CE10:27
106Alexander MilburnSedbergh Prep B10:29
107Leo PriceAmbleside CE10:32
108Archie CassSedbergh Prep B10:38
109Joshua CarbySedbergh Prep B12:11
110Evan IrwinAmbleside CE12:13
111Ruridh ParkerStramongate12:15
112Alex EvansArnside National12:18
113Will HunterArnside National12:28
U9 Girls Results
Individual Performances
1Poppy CarnochanSedbergh Prep A06:20
2Elsie BarkerSedbergh Prep A06:21
3Ruby DuxburyGhyllside06:33
4Clara SpibySt Martin & St Mary, Windermere06:52
5Maya BakerWindermere School06:57
6Harriette SmithSedbergh Prep A07:00
7Kate CollinSt Mark’s, Natland07:01
8Katie SandhornSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere07:02
9Lara SmithSt Thomas CE07:02
10Hester MetcalfeSt Thomas CE07:05
11Connie Maye-ScottSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale07:07
12Daniela BrighettiSedbergh Prep A07:09
13Maisie FieldhouseHawkshead07:18
14Elissa KinleyHeron Hill07:21
15Lottie KenyonStaveley CE07:22
16Sarah DarlingtonSedbergh Prep A07:26
17Lydia HulmeSedbergh Prep B07:27
18Evie MetcalfeSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale07:33
19Freya CobleySt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale07:35
20Imogen BarrHawkshead07:36
21Millie DeakinSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale07:38
22Emily EdmondsonHeversham St Peter’s CE07:39
23Anya CalvertSedbergh Prep B07:39
24Scarlett EvansAmbleside CE07:41
25Lucy MurphyVicarage Park07:41
26Neve BlamireSt Mark’s, Natland07:42
27Ella HollandSedbergh Prep A07:45
28Madeleine MartindaleSt Thomas CE07:47
29Maisie DwanWindermere School07:49
30Rosie HodsonWindermere School07:50
31Millie JebbStaveley CE07:52
32Molly GerrishDean Barwick07:53
33Jasmine SenSedbergh Primary07:53
34Daisy FieldingSedbergh Prep B07:54
35Charlotte StainerSt Thomas CE07:54
36Daisy LeesGhyllside07:55
37May TomesHawkshead07:56
38Izzy HoolLeven Valley CE07:58
39Emily SpeddingArnside National08:01
40Isla Price-WalterSedbergh Prep B08:02
41Aaliyah PearsonSt Mark’s, Natland08:02
42Savannah GeorgeGrange CE08:06
43Lili BrearleySedbergh Prep B08:09
44Brooke MachellWindermere School08:12
45Gracie DobsonDean Barwick08:14
46Sonia GattwardSedbergh Prep B08:14
47Grace IrvingHeron Hill08:15
48Eleanor KingStramongate08:15
49Annie BottomleyHeron Hill08:16
50Abbie WilsonSedbergh Primary08:16
51Poppy CaterStramongate08:20
52Daisy HaslamGhyllside08:28
53Lileah GregorySedbergh Prep B08:29
54Scarlet HicksSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere08:35
55Freya GibbardCastle Park08:36
56Ellie-Ann StaintonDent CE08:39
57Marcella NieldSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere08:40
58Hannah May HarrisonStaveley CE08:44
59Amelia Knowles-SlackSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale08:45
60Nellie HarrisonGrange CE08:48
61Rowan McCannGhyllside08:49
62Rowan MatthewsArnside National08:51
63Jamie MinkemaArnside National08:52
64Maria HowsleyArnside National08:52
65Freya HoughtonSedbergh Primary08:55
66Jennie StricklandStaveley CE08:57
67Emelia BirdVicarage Park08:57
68Abbie GibsonHeron Hill08:59
69Carla GardinerArnside National09:05
70Emily WhiteSedbergh Primary09:07
71Esther TaylorSedbergh Primary09:08
72Emily CashDent CE09:10
73Kitty HigtonHawkshead09:11
74Jessica CooperStaveley CE09:13
75Faith ShawLeven Valley CE09:13
76Elsie May DancySedbergh Prep B09:15
77Isabella Winter-PostlethwaiteHeversham St Peter’s CE09:23
78Niamh CharmentierGhyllside09:24
79Lily MarshAmbleside CE09:26
80Ella RoperGhyllside09:37
81Eliza Jane PattersonHawkshead09:37
82Maisy GaskellHawkshead09:40
83Connie IrvingAmbleside CE09:43
84Kasia ByrskaAmbleside CE09:44
85Sophie HardingArnside National09:46
86Ava WallaceAmbleside CE09:54
87Lucy TaylorSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere10:01
88Holly EnglebyAmbleside CE10:08
89Keeley SeedCastle Park10:11
90Isabella HubbarbSedbergh Prep B10:13
91Elisha HillGrange CE10:15
92Tilly ShepherdCastle Park10:16
93Evelyn Mitchell ParrGrange CE10:24
94Daisy GilmoreArnside National10:25
95Sophie JohnsonHawkshead10:45
96Eliza HattamSedbergh Prep B10:51
97Ava HoyleStramongate10:51
98Roshana HigginsonGrange CE11:00
99Emily WilliamsGrange CE11:34
U10 Girls Results
Individual Performances
1Grace WellsSedbergh Primary08:00
2Ella MartindaleSt Thomas CE08:05
3Jessica EdmondsonConiston CE08:13
4Tara-Nel AllanAllithwaite CE08:16
5Vicky WoofSedbergh Primary08:40
6Scarlett HarrisonSedbergh Prep A08:49
7Erin HoltonSedbergh Primary08:55
8Sophie CowinSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale08:59
9Alice KenyonStaveley CE09:07
10Emma DuxburyGhyllside09:18
11Joss EvansAmbleside CE09:19
12Daisy Byron-KeelerSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale09:20
13Molly JonesStaveley CE09:26
14Lily WilkinsonStaveley CE09:51
15Minnie MillsSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale09:55
16Nancy SmithStramongate10:00
17Alice ChapmanHeron Hill10:09
18Amelie ShepardSedbergh Prep A10:14
19Gracie YearsleyWindermere School10:20
20Nicole Horner-BourneVicarage Park10:25
21Chloe WestmorlandStramongate10:30
22Isla GordonDent CE10:31
23Ava WalshGrange CE10:31
24Kate GreenerGhyllside10:35
25Rosie HodgsonDent CE10:36
26Millie Westmoreland-NicolsonWindermere School10:39
27Darcey BeechamVicarage Park10:40
28Lizzie CowinSedbergh Primary10:42
29Dani BirchHawkshead10:43
30Patia May PickeringWindermere School10:45
31Georgia FranceHeron Hill10:47
32Pippa RadfordSedbergh Prep A10:49
33Lucy PerrygroveSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere10:57
34Edie MurraySt Thomas CE11:00
35Abigail GreenwoodStramongate11:01
36Lucy CrockfordStramongate11:01
37Jessica CroweAmbleside CE11:06
38Ella Rice-TroughtonGrange CE11:07
39Ellie BeachSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale11:10
40Poppy ScottGhyllside11:11
41Elsa JurdWindermere School11:15
42Emma KeastLindale CE11:20
43Alicia CrawfordStramongate11:20
44Amelia LandonLeven Valley CE11:21
45Hannah PeacockHeron Hill11:26
46Constance DonatoHeversham St Peter’s CE11:29
47Jonquil OverendSedbergh Prep A11:31
48Lily CrossCrosthwaite CE11:36
49Summer LawsonSedbergh Primary11:37
50Ellie HardySt Martin & St Mary, Windermere11:43
51Georgina SimonSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere11:43
52Eve AtkinsonHeron Hill11:47
53Sylvia LumumbaGrasmere CE11:55
54Lexi StanleyHeron Hill11:57
55Ruby AllisonGrasmere CE11:59
56Alice WalmsleyGrange CE12:08
57Jessica LinessHeron Hill12:10
58Eve MurphyVicarage Park12:13
59Louise ProutCastle Park12:19
60Lucy GrecicArnside National12:24
61Florence PattersonCrosthwaite CE12:28
62Mischa AskinsSedbergh Prep A12:30
63Lucy ToplissSedbergh Prep B12:38
64Emma SpibeyAllithwaite CE12:42
65Eve RobinsonSedbergh Prep A12:42
66Mary DobsonGrange CE12:47
67Rose SeymourSedbergh Prep B12:50
68Eleanor WoodcockCrosthwaite CE12:59
69Nuala SankeyWindermere School13:17
70Chloe DentVicarage Park13:24
71Megan LancasterSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale13:35
72Kacey ProcterGrange CE13:51
73Daisy Johnson-PeartConiston CE13:56
74Millie WilliamsConiston CE13:58
75Paige HaytonStaveley CE14:00
76Elizabeth HoldsworthDean Barwick14:05
77Lily DannAmbleside CE14:05
78Holly Holgate-SmithSedbergh Prep B14:05
U10 Boys Results
Individual Performances
1Louis BiglandHeron Hill07:38
2Jack BarkerSedbergh Prep A07:39
3Adam HallSedbergh Primary07:41
4Cal McVeySt Martin & St Mary, Windermere07:45
5Stanley AllanSedbergh Primary08:05
6Sam GreenepSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale08:07
7Marvin GibbsSt Thomas CE08:08
8Tom NicholsonHawkshead08:12
9Freddie MetcalfeSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale08:14
10Rowan AshworthAmbleside CE08:17
11Luke CampbellGrasmere CE08:20
12Felix KerslakeSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale08:24
13Lewis FearnheadSt Mark’s, Natland08:27
14Theo CoatesLangdale CE08:30
15Freddie DixonHawkshead08:31
16Riley AsheHawkshead08:37
17Ben PlattLeven Valley CE08:41
18Felix StewartWindermere School08:42
19Toby GreensmithSedbergh Primary08:43
20Adam SenSedbergh Primary08:44
21Fin TaylorSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere08:47
22Edward DeightonDent CE08:47
23Sam HodgsonSedbergh Prep B08:48
24Ian BethellWindermere School08:51
25Idris MorganStaveley CE08:52
26Alfie CowardVicarage Park08:52
27Jody MiddletonSedbergh Primary08:53
28William PattersonHawkshead08:57
29Cahrlie ClaytonGhyllside08:58
30Richard Goode SmithGrasmere CE09:00
31Reece KinleyHeron Hill09:01
32George DodgesonSt Mark’s, Natland09:05
33Evan BarronStramongate09:10
34Matthew YarkerStramongate09:14
35Charlie HattamSedbergh Prep A09:15
36William MorrellGrange CE09:16
37Milo DawsonCrosthwaite CE09:16
38Jack HewitsonVicarage Park09:19
39Freddie CraggVicarage Park09:20
40Fergus HoldenSedbergh Prep A09:22
41Ben SouthSedbergh Prep A09:24
42Finlay TathamHeron Hill09:25
43James SlossSedbergh Prep B09:26
44Sam MallinsonAllithwaite CE09:30
45Jake QuarryGhyllside09:31
46Kai Hunte-MoffattSt Thomas CE09:34
47Matthew GornallCrosthwaite CE09:35
48James Leech SandersGrasmere CE09:37
49Paddy WoodAmbleside CE09:43
50Bruno FieldingSedbergh Prep A09:49
51Jamie HiggsSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale09:52
52Iggy Random-LoveAllithwaite CE09:52
53Sam ThornleyHawkshead09:53
54Josh WintersSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere09:54
55Oliver GriffinSedbergh Prep A09:56
56Evan DartStramongate09:57
57Hunter BownassAllithwaite CE09:59
58Toby CoxSt Thomas CE10:02
59Toby CrossWindermere School10:06
60Ross BestGrange CE10:07
61Cameron StephensonLindale CE10:08
62Jenson WellsHeron Hill10:08
63Joe BulmanStramongate10:09
64Matthew GibsonStramongate10:09
65Myles StaintonDent CE10:13
66Jack WakefieldSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale10:13
67Cole ClarkeConiston CE10:14
68James RavenStaveley CE10:14
69Reuben WiltshireSedbergh Prep B10:15
70Guilio AtaStramongate10:16
71Lucas HoyleStramongate10:17
72Luke EdmondsonHeversham St Peter’s CE10:18
73James RoyLindale CE10:18
74Jack SumnerLindale CE10:21
75George MetcalfeGhyllside10:22
76Thomas MallinsonGrange CE10:22
77Felix BrakewellSedbergh Prep B10:25
78Charlie TathamSt Mark’s, Natland10:27
79Roman AireyDean Barwick10:29
80Jack ScottAmbleside CE10:32
81Joseph TurnerSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale10:32
82Patrick OsmondSedbergh Prep B10:33
83Toby HarrisonSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere10:34
84Alfie ChristensenArnside National10:34
85Heber McDonaldSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere10:49
86Riley MooreSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere10:50
87Oliver WilloughbyGhyllside10:52
88Finley LeckStaveley CE10:55
89Jack OwenArnside National10:58
90Hayden HowsleyArnside National11:04
91Jude WebsterHeron Hill11:14
92Connor KeelerSedbergh Prep B11:24
93Arthur CooperSedbergh Prep B11:24
94Sebastian FaircloughHeversham St Peter’s CE11:26
95Jake NewhouseStramongate11:39
96Aiden BarberStramongate11:45
97Jem CropperSedbergh Prep B11:47
98Oliver GratrixSedbergh Prep B11:50
99Leo BridgemanArnside National11:51
100Dan PhillipsGrange CE11:21
101Jack InmanConiston CE11:44
102Austin JeffersonCrosthwaite CE12:09
103William Mitchell ParrGrange CE12:16
104Jack MoodieGrasmere CE12:24
105Seth Clifford-HirstGhyllside12:39
106Hayden Taylor-HeysSedbergh Prep B13:13
107Sam BurnsSedbergh Prep B13:21
108Connor AireyConiston CE13:23
U11 Boys Results
Individual Performances
1Charlie AllmondCrosthwaite CE10:10
2Charlie BarrySt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale10:24
3Jack DixonGrasmere CE10:35
4Jack SpibySt Martin & St Mary, Windermere10:48
5Caius PenningtonSedbergh Primary10:49
6Joseph RigbySt Oswald’s, Burneside10:50
7Oliver SmithHeron Hill10:52
8Archie ReidCastle Park11:05
9Daniel Knowles-SlackSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale11:10
10Jamie HarrisSt Oswald’s, Burneside11:14
11Thomas MoorhouseSedbergh Primary11:21
12Jonny-Lee MachellWindermere School11:24
13Toby HarperGhyllside11:25
14Henry CoatesSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale11:28
15Jack BensonGrasmere CE11:42
16George VinallSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere11:45
17Luke LofthouseHeron Hill11:50
18Frank Exley-HarperAmbleside CE11:52
19Joe DeGrooteSedbergh Prep A11:55
20Hector Westmoreland-NicolsonWindermere School12:01
21Henry CowellLeven Valley CE12:03
22James HudsonCrosthwaite CE12:07
23Charlie BlackburnSt Oswald’s, Burneside12:14
24Bobby WhiteleySt Mark’s, Natland12:17
25Keighan O’BrienHawkshead12:20
26Sebastian SmithSedbergh Prep A12:23
27Alfie WilkinAmbleside CE12:26
28Jake BlamireSt Mark’s, Natland12:27
29Hal Saner -HaighGhyllside12:31
30Matthew CassonSt Mark’s, Natland12:50
31Eddie LewisWindermere School12:53
32Ethan BuckleySt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale12:54
33Mikey CharnleyDent CE12:58
34Alex MounseySt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale13:05
35Freddie DobsonSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere13:06
36Lennon BellHeron Hill13:10
37Jacob FallowsArnside National13:10
38Jack WilliamsGrange CE13:12
39Luke FellSt Thomas CE13:14
40Adam PeersLeven Valley CE13:15
41Rio PurcellGrasmere CE13:16
42Benjamin GouldArnside National13:18
43Jake Burgess-TolleySt Thomas CE13:30
44Luca ReadGhyllside13:31
45Luke DavidsonLindale CE13:33
46Harry CornthwaiteGrange CE13:37
47Lucas CasselsVicarage Park13:38
48Charlie HodsonWindermere School13:39
49Bobbie RogersonSedbergh Prep A13:40
50Harry Haydon-WoodSedbergh Prep A13:44
51Logan HutchinsonConiston CE13:46
52Charlie StrongVicarage Park13:53
53Rory KnowlesAmbleside CE13:54
54Dylan ReadGhyllside13:57
55Alban ShanksStramongate13:59
56Zachary CorbettVicarage Park14:15
57Isaac FairweatherAllithwaite CE14:20
58Billy MoffattCastle Park14:41
59Connor DixonCastle Park14:41
60Henry SamsonWindermere School14:47
61Bobby DobsonSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere14:48
62Fenn ChapmanSedbergh Prep A15:05
63Michael CrossHawkshead15:11
64Alexander HodginsSedbergh Prep B15:42
65Sean CaseyGhyllside15:48
66James WattsStramongate16:06
67Danny AshurstHeron Hill16:24
68Milo CoulsonCrosthwaite CE16:25
69Thomas JohnsonWindermere School16:34
70George ToplissSedbergh Prep A16:55
71Oliver FidlerSedbergh Prep B17:03
72Joey HornbyHeron Hill17:10
73Alexander WilsonLangdale CE17:15
74Graeme FinchArnside National17:21
75Max ThompsonConiston CE17:27
76Jay PurcellSedbergh Prep B17:51
77Jonah HerdSedbergh Prep B17:52
78Joseph WardSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale18:08
79Jack TowersSedbergh Prep B18:33
80Joshua CooperStaveley CE18:56
81Ben WalkerArnside National19:10
U11 Girls Results
Individual Performances
1Sophie RylanceLindale CE10:04
2Clara SamsonGhyllside10:12
3Sarah SmithHeron Hill10:32
4Elodie MalcolmCastle Park11:04
5Millie GunningSedbergh Prep A11:12
6Bethan SaundersFlookburgh11:23
7Bethany SaundersWindermere School11:44
8Ella ParrGhyllside11:51
9Maisie EvansAmbleside CE11:58
10Tilly NichollsGhyllside12:00
11Elise TallonStramongate12:10
12Hannah NicholsonHawkshead12:25
13Polina WhiteheadSedbergh Prep A12:28
14Abigail CassSedbergh Prep A12:45
15Heather BoothSedbergh Prep A12:56
16Ruby BarkerGhyllside13:03
17Olivia RoweSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale13:07
18Taya Wade-WilsonWindermere School13:15
19Jessica BensonLangdale CE13:21
20Izzy JacobsHawkshead13:47
21Lola Ashton-FitchSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale13:56
22Evie FordSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale13:58
23Katie ColtonSedbergh Primary14:00
24Lily RichardsonSedbergh Primary14:01
25Libby CohenWindermere School14:19
26Bethan MorganStaveley CE14:21
27Amelie MuirStaveley CE14:30
28Amber Woodcock-PerkinsCastle Park14:31
29Emma HeginbothamWindermere School14:59
30Poppy LiveseySt Mark’s, Natland15:00
31Imogen LawsonSedbergh Primary15:10
32Millie RavenhillSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere15:15
33Pippa NorthSedbergh Prep A15:18
34Lucie BulmanStramongate15:24
35Annabel KeySedbergh Prep A15:32
36Izzy Ashton-FitchSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale15:40
37Phoebe HallSedbergh Primary15:46
38Emelia LancasterSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale15:49
39Milly MontgomerySt Martin & St Mary, Windermere15:52
40Erin KeeganSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere15:53
41Lucy CapstickSedbergh Primary15:54
42Martha MilburnSedbergh Prep B15:55
43Olivia Kay-ShuttleworthSedbergh Prep B15:56
44Jessie KeechSt Mark’s, Natland16:00
45Eva HoggarthDent CE16:10
46Macey WrightVicarage Park16:11
47Harriet ScottCrosthwaite CE16:14
48Charlotte MatthewsArnside National16:21
49Baillie AtkinsonSt Thomas CE16:34
50Daisy SharpArnside National16:38
51Ella SwarbrickGrange CE16:39
52Alice KerrAllithwaite CE16:42
53Olivia TaylorSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere16:51
54Isabella HodginsSedbergh Prep B16:58
55Emily ListerSedbergh Prep B16:59
56Kenzie AughpinSt Martin & St Mary, Windermere17:13
57Nerissa BlatchleyAllithwaite CE17:15
58Isobel HarrisonStaveley CE17:21
59Patience NelsonStaveley CE17:22
60Millie StricklandStaveley CE17:26
61Nicole BerrySt Mark’s, Natland17:40
62Taylor AireyConiston CE17:53
63Chloe Winter-PostlethwaiteHeversham St Peter’s CE18:15
64Caitlin HuntArnside National18:16
65Jessica TimminsGrange CE18:24
66Meara KnipeHeversham St Peter’s CE18:25
67Amber WoofDent CE18:27
68Maddy BrooksHeron Hill18:28
69Holly KeensArnside National18:31
70Becky McCleeryAllithwaite CE18:42

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