Read Write Inc. at Sedbergh Prep

Casterton, Sedbergh Prep School has become one of the latest schools to adopt a new approach to developing children’s literacy skills and encouraging a lifelong love of reading.

Read Write Inc., developed by Ruth Miskin, is a whole school approach to teaching literacy to pupils aged between four and nine. The programme aims to foster fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers through phonics-based learning. All teaching staff across Pre-School, Reception and Years 1 to 3 have completed dedicated Read Write Inc training to support its implementation across the Lower School.

Sound and picture cards, writing books, storybooks and Fred the frog, all support the children’s development, which is based on breaking words down into their syllable sounds. Sedbergh Prep pupils dedicate 20 minutes every day to Read Write Inc. These short learning sessions result in high levels of concentration from the children, with teachers seeing positive results in a short space of time.

Miss Rachel Adamson, the lead teacher for the implementation of Read Write Inc., explains further:
“We can already track the impact of Read Write Inc on the children’s progress. For example, in Reception the children are forming their letters in a much more controlled way, helped by the method of visualising certain pictures or characters with specific letters.”

All pupils are assessed regularly by their teachers, allowing them to monitor each child’s development and highlight areas that require strengthening. The accelerated progress of every child, across all year groups and ability levels, is linked to the “keep up not catch up” approach espoused by Read Write Inc. Focussed support is provided as required, whilst more confident learners are challenged to push themselves through learning alongside older pupils. These both help lead to higher literacy attainment among all ages.

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