An astonishing 385 primary school children from the South Lakeland District competed at Sedbergh Prep on Wednesday in the annual cross-country trials. After all the wet weather of late, we were particularly blessed with a fine, mild day.

Among all of these runners were 77 from  Sedbergh Prep School and they did not disappoint as they finished in one of the top three placings in each of the six team events, winning the Under 9 girls and Under 11 boys. To crown it all Sedbergh Prep were the comfortable winning team overall.

There were some impressive individual performances in all six races, with Jack Barker leading the way with victory in the Under 9 boys race, whilst Pippa Darlington took home a bronze medal in the Under 11 girls race. Other top 10 finishers came from Scarlett Harrison (5) and Elsie Barker (8) in the Under 9 girls, Millie Gunning and Joe DeGroote (6) in the Under 10s, and Freya Cope 8), Tom Mullins (9) and Sam Gunning (10) in the Under 11s. The top 12 in all three races now go through to the Cumbria Cross-Country trials, again to be held at Sedbergh Prep on Wednesday 3rd February

Sedbergh’s other finishers were;

U9 Girls

> 13    Poppy Carnochan

> 16    Harriette Smith

> 17    Amelie Shepard

> 18    Anya Calvert

> 19    Ella Holland

> 32    Jonquil Overend

> 37    Isla Price-Walter

> 39    Sarah Darlington

> 40    Rose Seymour

> 46    Lucy Canwell

> 48    Lucy Topliss

> 50    Eve Robinson

> 52    Eliza Hattam

> 59    Tilly Fisher

> 60    Isabella Hubbard

U9 Boys

> 11    Fergus Holden

> 20    Ben South

> 22    Blake Hulme

> 27    Charlie Hattam

> 34    Sam Hodgson

> 35    Felix Breakwell

> 37    William Birchall

> 50    Jem Cropper

> 51    James Parry

> 53    Henry Key

> 55    James Sloss

> 59    Oliver Gratrix

> 60    Oliver Griffin

> 61    Martin Greaves

> 64    Sebastian Mills

> 67    James Kay-Shuttleworth

> 68    Oliver Simpson

> 69    Isaac Price-Walter

> 70    Patrick Osmond

> 71    James Harker

> 76    Hayden Taylor-Heys

U10 Girls

> 16    Heather Booth

> 23    Polina Whitehead

> 24    Pippa North

> 27    Abigail Cass

> 28    Annabel Key

> 40    Emily Lister

> 41    Olivia Kay-Shuttleworth

U10 Boys

> 13    Harry Haydon-Wood

> 24    Sebastian Smith

> 34    Bobbie Rogerson

> 36    Fenn Chapman

> 41    Miles Thomas

> 49    George Topliss

> 50    Jonah Herd

> 53    Jack Towers

U11 Girls

> 15    Scarlett Holden

> 21    Emma Coughlan

> 42    Grace Eddleston

> 43    Rowan Piper

> 52    Lucy Carby

U11 Boys

> 18    James Corrigan

> 23    Luke Atkinson

> 34    Jake Simpson

> 37    Nick Astagi

> 40    James Clough

> 44    Lukas Mameniskis

> 54    Sam Canwell

> 55    Max Armitage

> 60    Jack Chatterley

> 66    Jonny Hanson

> 78    Cyrus Cropper

> 79    Murray Fisher

Results of the South Lakeland Primary School District Trials 6.01.16
U9 Girls
1Jessica EdmondsonConiston CESedbergh Prep A42
2Grace WellsSedbergh PrimarySt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale65
3Ella MartindaleSt Thomas’ CESedbergh Primary78
4Tara Nel AllanAllithwaite CE
5Scarlett HarrisonSedbergh Prep A
6Daisy Byron-KeelerSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
7Betty KempsterGhyllside
8Elsie BarkerSedbergh Prep A
9Vicky WoofSedbergh Primary
10Sophie CowinSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
11Molly JonesStaveley CE B
12Alice KenyonStaveley CE
13Poppy CarnochanSedbergh Prep A
14Patia May PickeringWindermere Prep
15Emma DuxburyGhyllside
16Harriette SmithSedbergh Prep A
17Amelie ShepardSedbergh Prep A
18Anya CalvertSedbergh Prep B
19Ella HollandSedbergh Prep A
20Elsa JurdWindermere Prep
21Lara SmithSt Thomas’ CE
22Nicole HornmerbourneVicarage Park
23Isabella OgdenSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
24Imogen BarrHawkshead CE
25Erin O’LoughlinSt Thomas’ CE
26Minnie MillsSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
27Millie WestmorelandWindermere Prep
28Constance DonatoHeversham CE
29Maisie FieldhouseHawkshead CE
30Isla GordonDent CE
31Madeleine MartindaleSt Thomas’ CE
32Jonquil OverendSedbergh Prep B
33Emily WhiteSedbergh Primary
34Abbie WilsonSedbergh Primary
35Millie EllisStaveley CE
36Emma KeastLindale CE
37Isla Price-WalterSedbergh Prep B
38Rosie HodsonWindermere Prep
39Sarah DarlingtonSedbergh Prep B
40Rose SeymourSedbergh Prep B
41Rosie HodgsonDent CE
42Erin HoltonSedbergh Primary
43Summer LawsonSedbergh Primary
44Kate GreenerGhyllside
45Molly LewisSt Thomas’ CE
46Lucy CanwellSedbergh Prep C
47Lia LewisDent CE
48Lucy ToplissSedbergh Prep B
49Paige HaytonStaveley CE
50Eve RobinsonSedbergh Prep C
51Megan LancasterSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
52Eliza HattamSedbergh Prep C
53Nuala SankeyWindermere Prep
54Erin WinkleyStaveley CE B
55Bethan BurgessStaveley CE
56Emilie BestonLangdale CE
57Freya WoodwardStaveley CE
58Lily MillarSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
59Tilly FisherSedbergh Prep C
60Isabella HubbardSedbergh Prep C
61Bridget MacFarlaneHawkshead CE
62Keira FarringtonHawkshead CE
U9 Boys
1Jack BarkerSedbergh Prep ASt Thomas’ CE45
2Adam HallSedbergh PrimarySedbergh Prep A56
3Freddie MetcalfeSt Mary’s, Kirkby LonsdaleSedbergh Primary68
4Stanley AllanSedbergh Primary
5Leo RannerSt Thomas’ CE
6Freddie DixonHawkshead CE
7Theo CoatesLangdale CE
8Kai Hunte-MoffattSt Thomas’ CE
9Marvin GibbsSt Thomas’ CE
10Sam GreenepSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
11Fergus HoldenSedbergh Prep A
12Sam ThornleyHawkshead CE
13Idris MorganStaveley CE
14Charlie ClaytonGhyllside
15Felix StewartWindermere Prep
16Edward DeightonDent CE
17Rowan AshworthAmbleside CE
18William PattersonHawkshead CE
19Riley AsheHawkshead CE
20Ben SouthSedbergh Prep A
21Oliver WilloughbyGhyllside
22Blake HulmeSedbergh Prep A
23Josh ToddSt Thomas’ CE
24Alfie ToddSt Thomas’ CE
25Alex WaltonDent CE
26Jack HewitsonVicarage Park
27Charlie HattamSedbergh Prep A
28Leighton GilchristStaveley CE
29Ben PlattLeven Valley CE
30Edward JermySedbergh Primary
31Andrew MitchellSedbergh Primary
32Joseph TurnerSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
33Douglas RossWindermere Prep
34Sam HodgsonSedbergh Prep B
35Felix BreakwellSedbergh Prep B
36Jamie HiggsSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
37William BirchallSedbergh Prep A
38James LongleySt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
39Felix KerslakeSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
40Matthew MosesHeversham CE
41Jake GibsonSt Thomas’ CE
42Jack SumnerLindale CE
43Tom NicholsonHawkshead CE
44Toby CrossWindermere Prep
45Jack WakefieldHeversham CE
46Myles StaintonDent CE
47Sebastian FaircloughHeversham CE
48Sam WilsonSedbergh Primary
49Alex WaltonDent CE
50Jem CropperSedbergh Prep B
51James ParrySedbergh Prep C
52Luke EdmondsonHeversham CE
53Henry KeySedbergh Prep B
54Finley LeckStaveley CE
55James SlossSedbergh Prep C
56Jake QuarryGhyllside
57George MetcalfeGhyllside
58William ElliotStaveley CE
59Oliver GratrixSedbergh Prep C
60Oliver GriffinSedbergh Prep C
61Martin GreavesSedbergh Prep B
62Tom HoughtonSedbergh Primary
63James RavenStaveley CE
64Sebastian MillsSedbergh Prep C
65Ranulph TurtonWindermere Prep
66Jake HarrisWindermere Prep
67James Kay-ShuttleworthSedbergh Prep C
68Oliver SimpsonSedbergh Prep C
69Isaac Price-WalterSedbergh Prep C
70Patrick OsmondSedbergh Prep B
71James HarkerSedbergh Prep C
72Tom CashDent CE
73Seth Clifford-HirstGhyllside
74Sam BroadbeltWindermere Prep
75Jack ThackerHeversham CE
76Hayden Taylor-HeysSedbergh Prep C
U10 Girls
1Sophie RylanceLindale CEGhyllside38
2Clara SamsonGhyllsideWindermere Prep68
3Bethan SaundersFlookburgh CESedbergh Prep68
4Sarah SmithHeron Hill
5Millie GunningSedbergh Prep A
6Taya Wade-WilsonWindermere Prep
7Tilly NichollsGhyllside
8Ella ParrGhyllside
9Kate WatsonSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
10Elodie MalcolmCastle Park
11Bethany SaundersWindermere Prep
12Masie EvansAmbleside CE
13Amber Woodcock – PerkinsCastle Park
14Hannah NicholsonHawkshead CE
15Joss EvansAmbleside CE
16Heather BoothSedbergh Prep A
17Izzy JacobsHawkshead CE
18Jessica BensonLangdale CE
19Katie ColtonSedbergh Primary
20Emma HeginbothamWindermere Prep
21Ruby BarkerGhyllside
22Imogen LawsonSedbergh Primary
23Polina WhiteheadSedbergh Prep A
24Pippa NorthSedbergh Prep A
25Jessica DaviesSt Thomas’ CE
26Baillie AtkinsonSt Thomas’ CE
27Abigail CassSedbergh Prep A
28Annabel KeySedbergh Prep A
29Bethan MorganStaveley CE
30Taylor ProcterFlookburgh CE
31Isabella ScowcroftWindermere Prep
32Maddy LoughlinHeron Hill
33Izzy Aston-FitchSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
34Charlotte BradshawSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
35Lucy CapstickSedbergh Primary
36Annie RainfordDent CE
37Nell DobsonHawkshead CE
38Lily RichardsonSedbergh Primary
39Phoebe HallSedbergh Primary
40Emily ListerSedbergh Prep B
41Olivia Kay-ShuttleworthSedbergh Prep B
42Becky McCleeryAllithwaite CE
43Lucy JamesSt Thomas’ CE
44Grace BoyleGhyllside
45Emelia LancasterSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
46Lola Aston-FitchSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
47Fabienne MeschinoAmbleside CE
48Eve WoodHeron Hill
49Ella PrattSedbergh Primary
50Beth HodgsonHeron Hill
51Amber WoofDent CE
52Gabby WillanSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
53Chloe Winter-PostlethwaiteHeversham CE
54Isobel HarrisonStaveley CE
55Bryn WilsonStaveley CE
56Millie StricklandStaveley CE
57Anna AinscoughSt Thomas’ CE
58Meara KnipeHeversham CE
59Lily WinstanleyStaveley CE
U10 Boys
1Hector WestmorelandWindermere PrepWindermere Prep41
2Charlie BarrySt Mary’s, Kirkby LonsdaleSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale76
3Oliver SmithHeron HillSedbergh Prep77
4Luke FellSt Thomas’ CE
5Eddie LewisWindermere Prep
6Joe DeGrooteSedbergh Prep A
7Thomas MoorhouseSedbergh Primary
8Ethan BuckleySt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
9James BaddileyFlookburgh CE
10Jonny-Lee MachellWindermere Prep
11Alfie WilkinAmbleside CE
12Caius PenningtonSedbergh Primary
13Harry Haydon-WoodSedbergh Prep A
14Jesse WilsdenGhyllside
15Toby HarperGhyllside
16Joel HowellHeron Hill
17Connor DicksonCastle Park
18Henry CowellLeven Valley CE
19Mikey CharnleyDent CE
20Keighan O’BrienHawkshead CE
21Ethan EllerayStaveley CE
22Logan HutchinsonConiston CE
23Luke DavidsonLindale CE
24Sebastian SmithSedbergh Prep A
25Charlie HodsonWindermere Prep
26Henry CoatesSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
27Rory KnowlesAmbleside CE
28Luca ReadGhyllside
29Reuben DyerHeron Hill
30Charlie ConnellStaveley CE
31Lennon BellHeron Hill
32Hamish RossWindermere Prep
33Jacob HaytonHeron Hill
34Bobbie RogersonSedbergh Prep A
35Hal Saner-HaighGhyllside
36Fenn ChapmanSedbergh Prep A
37Luke DaviesHeversham CE
38Jake Burgess- TolleySt Thomas’ CE
39Sean CaseyGhyllside
40Alex MounseySt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
41Miles ThomasSedbergh Prep B
42Michael CrossHawkshead CE
43Kye OrmrodGhyllside
44Mason MoraSedbergh Primary
45Isaac MoorbyGhyllside
46Ali WilsonLangdale CE
47Cameron MilburnDent CE
48Archie CarterLangdale CE
49George ToplissSedbergh Prep A
50Jonah HerdSedbergh Prep B
51Rory KnowlesAmbleside CE
52Aiden DrydenSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
53Jack TowersSedbergh Prep B
54Joseph WardSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
55Josh CooperStaveley CE
U11 Girls
1Olesia WinderPenny Bridge AcademySedbergh Primary49
2Eva WilsonLangdale CESedbergh Prep A60
3Pippa DarlingtonSedbergh Prep AHeron Hill66
4Rhiannon WinderDent CE
5Hannah GaynorWindermere Prep
6Grace AllanSedbergh Primary
7Rosie WatsonLeven Valley CE
8Freya CopeSedbergh Prep A
9Kyra HaytonStaveley CE
10Bryce CroskellCastle Park
11Maddie WalshSedbergh Primary
12Iona WatsonConiston CE
13Annabel WilsonGoodly Dale
14Cally LawsonSedbergh Primary
15Scarlett HoldenSedbergh Prep A
16Polly JacksonLeven Valley CE
17Abbie JonesHeron Hill
18Ava OxleySedbergh Primary
19Maia BishopSedbergh Primary
20Poppy MonkGoodly Dale
21Emma CoughlanSedbergh Prep A
22Madeleine WolleySt Thomas’ CE
23Amy LomasFlookburgh CE
24Isabelle HelmeWindermere Prep
25Emily BainesDent CE
26Matilda JurdWindermere Prep
27Sophie BellisWindermere Prep
28Beatrice DeightonDent CE
29Islay AitkenStaveley CE
30Isabel CorfieldStaveley CE
31Carmen CramphornGhyllside
32Anna CoulthwaiteSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
33Holly TathamSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
34Ishbel Naraghi- StewartGhyllside
35Libby GoodyearSt Thomas’ CE
36Emma SavidgeSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
37Bea CoxSt Thomas’ CE
38Chloe BaseCastle Park
39Alice ThomasWindermere Prep
40Kacey SeedCastle Park
41Isabella ScowcroftWindermere Prep
42Grace EddlestonSedbergh Prep A
43Rowan PiperSedbergh Prep A
44Violet CookeGhyllside
45Lauren FosterSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
46Ellouise QuarryGhyllside
47Millie RennoldsonSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
48Isabelle HarrisSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
49Morgan McCaffreyGhyllside
50Seren CallaghanSt Thomas’ CE
51Lilla BlythGhyllside
52Lucy CarbySedbergh Prep B
U11 Boys
1James BowenHawkshead CESedbergh Prep60
2Harry BowenHawkshead CEHeron Hill66
3Warren FlemingLeven Valley CEGhyllside79
4James TaylorStaveley CE B
5Cameron CoatesLangdale CE
6Joe LigemaLangdale CE
7Ben GreenepSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
8Evan AllanAllithwaite CE
9Tom MullinsSedbergh Prep A
10Sam GunningSedbergh Prep A
11Jamie LookerHeron Hill
12Seth HowellHeron Hill
13Reece IrvingHeron Hill
14William DurkinHawkshead CE
15James KellyLangdale CE
16Jack LugsdenGhyllside
17Seth BennettAmbleside CE
18James CorriganSedbergh Prep A
19Joshua TaylorSedbergh Primary
20Luca MyersGhyllside
21Max UdallGhyllside
22Billy BraithwaiteGhyllside
23Luke AtkinsonSedbergh Prep A
24Nico MyersGhyllside B
25Tom BlytheStaveley CE
26Will OwenSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
27Nathan KayGhyllside
28Elliot WoodburnVicarage Park
29Eddie StalkerSt Thomas’ CE
30Max ChaplowHeron Hill
31Rupert WolleySt Thomas’ CE
32Max DuffinStaveley CE
33Regan HarrisonCastle Park
34Jake SimpsonSedbergh Prep A
35Lloyd BlacowGhyllside B
36Dan WalkerGhyllside B
37Nick AstagiSedbergh Prep A
38Judah HicksHeron Hill
39Oliver StephensonHeron Hill
40James CloughSedbergh Prep B
41Harvey BellStaveley CE
42Sam MasonAllithwaite CE
43Blake RussellStaveley CE B
44Lukas MameniskisSedbergh Prep B
45Isaac BrewerSedbergh Primary
46Travis CoucomSt Thomas’ CE
47Christopher WilsonStaveley CE
48Luke TroughtonSedbergh Primary
49Henry ClareHeversham CE
50Michael BattenWindermere Prep
51Will NewmanSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
52Sam BriggsSt Thomas’ CE
53James RobertsGhyllside
54Sam CanwellSedbergh Prep B
55Max ArmitageSedbergh Prep B
56Zak BarronCastle Park
57Scott ChaplowSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
58Felix BrownWindermere Prep
59Dominic KuhlmannSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
60Jack ChatterleySedbergh Prep B
61Aaron StephensHeron Hill
62Charlie BrownbillDent CE
63Ryan WinderDent CE
64Joe VinsenDent CE
65Niall KeelerSt Mary’s, Kirkby Lonsdale
66Jonny HansonSedbergh Prep B
67Jack AldersonSedbergh Primary
68Jo RoperGhyllside
69Billy LivingstoneGhyllside B
70Christopher CookeWindermere Prep
71Nathan StavartGhyllside B
72Dan PurdieGhyllside
73David FretwellStaveley CE
74Jack RigbyWindermere Prep
75Thomas GarbuttGhyllside B
76Arnold HodgsonDent CE
77Miles SpeddingLangdale CE
78Cyrus CropperSedbergh Prep C
79Murray FisherSedbergh Prep C
80Ben CookeWindermere Prep
81Finn HowarthGhyllside

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