Mr Newman’s Friday E-ssembly: 12 June 2020

Dear Parent

Today’s video message is centred on responsibility and the bigger impact we can make together through the accumulation of smaller acts. The national and now international protest in the wake of George Floyd’s death is an example of such collective action to power the wheels of change.

For the children, the slow relaxation of distancing rules can be a confusing time: shades of grey are not so easy to understand as black and white. Those pupils in School since half term have done brilliantly to maintain this sense of responsibility and I am sure the same is true for all of those at home as well.

The shifting sands of rules, regulations and guidelines provide a daily challenge to school leaders, but we will continue to respond and adapt accordingly. As we near the end of term and turn our eyes towards September, you will receive more and more details on our plans and arrangements for the last few weeks and the next academic year.

The children in Years 7 and 8 have worked well through their assessment week, completed under the strangest of circumstances. They have been diligent and conscientious and should look forward, along with all of us, to some time off this weekend.

Next Friday, as we hit the middle of this half term, we will enjoy another ‘drop down day’ as the pupils complete their learning offline, just as they did for VE Day. More details of this will follow next week and be communicated to your children.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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