We are set to begin a fresh chapter in our development as a school, with a curriculum review centred on thinking skills, philosophy and maximising the benefit of our incredible STEM facilities.

Those pupils transferring to the Senior School will benefit from a seamless transition, since they will no longer be entered for the Common Entrance examination. Instead, they will work towards a bespoke award designed specifically around our very own ethos and aims.

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 will work progressively towards their SPACE Profile – Sedbergh Prep: Academic, Community and Extra-Curricular – with their achievements through all walks of school life being duly recognised.

Attainment will be assessed internally for both academic and extra-curricular subjects. Exams and testing will not disappear entirely from our pupil’s lives but are held in balance against opportunities to show their worth in other ways, such as coursework. The school places real emphasis on the development of character and leadership potential, especially in its final two years, and so positions of responsibility and awards for citizenship will be acknowledged through the community aspect of the SPACE Profile.

At the very heart of these curriculum developments will be a focus upon philosophy for children, thinking skills and STEM subjects. Our pupils will be explicitly taught how to problem-solve, think critically and ask big questions. Along with ‘softer skills’, such as emotional intelligence and collaboration, these will equip the children with the tools they need to face the future.

It is an exciting time for children and staff alike!

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