Ways of the Wolf

We are unashamedly proud of the diversity to be found within the Sedbergh family and our community is immeasurably stronger for the influence of pupils from different parts of the UK and overseas. Recently Headmaster, Mr Will Newman, asked the children what it means to be British, to be Spanish, to be Chinese, to be French…apparently ‘liking tea’ is No.1 on the list for the English!

Mr Newman then asked what it meant to be ‘Sedberghian’ and the children agreed it was about giving everything your best shot, regardless of ability, about being kind and about being part of a family and a community. The Spirit of Sedbergh video aims to make these values more tangible.

At the Prep School, we want to boil this down a little more. To define, in six simple terms, what our phase of the School is all about. To verbalise our vision for the children and the ethos behind all that we do.

Ways of the Wolf

These values will be known as the Ways of the Wolf’ and will become a regular feature within our School communications:

Ambition We aim high and we understand that hard work brings reward. We employ a growth mindset in all that we do and celebrate excellence in the classroom.

Collaboration Not only in our choirs, ensembles, production casts and sports teams; we know that mankind’s greatest achievements have come about through teamwork and we value the ability to work productively with others.

Courage Sedbergh Prep builds adventurous young men and women with a ‘can do’ attitude. We dig deep when the road gets bumpy, we take risks in our learning and are not afraid of failure.

Creativity We understand the need for originality, problem-solving and higher order thinking in the workplace of tomorrow.

Kindness Underpins all our behaviour in school and lays the foundations for us to make hugely positive contributions to society. We take nothing for granted and do all that we can to help others.

Responsibility We revel in the opportunity to be leaders, to look after others and ourselves. We know that leadership is less about the title and more about action. We accept that responsibility for our environment is a priority.

We hope that these Ways of the Wolf resonate with you as much as they do with all the pupils and staff at Sedbergh Prep School.

Way Of The Wolf Final

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