Year 4 Reading Champions Hit 5 Million Words 

At the start of the academic year, Mrs Follett set Year 4 a target to collectively read 3 million words through the Accelerated Reader programme used across the School.  

The children read and quizzed during the whole of the Michaelmas Term, through the Christmas holidays and into 2023. In March they had finally got to their target and celebrated with a trip to the local book shop, The Book Lounge, where they enjoyed a story session and perused the books for sale. The children all brought some pocket money from home and bought more reading material from the 2nd hand section. 

But they didn’t stop there, not only did they keep reading, but they started to get faster and faster! In May they hit 4 million words and all received a commemorative bookmark.  

Mrs Follett then challenged them to get to 5 million words before the end of the year and in June they did it!

The Year 4 reading champions headed up to the Senior School, aglow with their achievement, to celebrate. They had the special honour of taking part in a reading celebration during the Sedbergh Book Week Festival in the beautiful Senior School Library. Here they shared their reading books with Year 9 pupils and staff and thoroughly enjoyed a story telling session from Dr Downes, Head of English. A huge congratulations to the Year 4 reading ninjas for your phenomenal achievement! 

3 Million Words
4 Million Words
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20230622 114422
20230622 113842 1
5 Million Words 1

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