Computer Science

Prep Computer Science

introducing computer science

Computing is an essential part of modern life. We rely on computers to communicate, heat our homes, entertain us, wash our clothes and complete a plethora of everyday tasks. Computer Science shows pupils how to positively connect with the connected world and gives them the opportunity to become the technology innovators of tomorrow.

Computer literacy is empowering, and all pupils should be aware of it and have some competence in it. The goal of Computer Science at Sedbergh Prep is for computing to take place across all subjects as part of an essential well-rounded academic preparation. Just as literacy and numeracy skills are championed across the curriculum, so too is computer literacy. The children work on exciting projects covering everything from digital media, coding, website building, app development, robotics and touch-typing skills.

Pupils who can think computationally are better able to conceptualise and understand computer-based technology, and so are better equipped to function in modern society. Pupils studying Computer Science gain insight into computational systems of all kinds, whether they include computers or not. Computational thinking influences fields such as biology, chemistry, linguistics, psychology, economics and statistics. Computer Science encourages essential life skills like the ability to solve problems and it is an avenue into many types of lucrative careers.

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