Sedbergh Prep School - RSZ English

One of our primary goals in the English Department is to enable all our pupils to become confident and competent communicators, whether in writing or through speaking and listening.  It is our aim to ensure that all our pupils are critical readers, so they can recognise both what is on the surface and what is less obvious.

English is central to a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development. It has an essential role in all areas of the curriculum, allowing pupils to progress academically in all subjects. It allows them to examine their own and others’ experiences. They learn about themselves and the world around them and are able to communicate their thoughts clearly, making informed decisions that show respect for others’ beliefs. Ultimately, we aim to prepare our pupils for the needs of the society of which they are part.

We take a literature-centred approach to our teaching, drawing from a wide range of genres in order to engage pupils, build enthusiasm for the printed text and establish a lifelong love of reading. We ensure writing tasks address a range of purposes, for a variety of audiences. Children develop at different speeds, at different times and in different ways.  As such, the learning experiences provided by our department focus on differentiation and individuality, using a range of teaching styles and resources. We carefully monitor the progress of our pupils, ensuring that each individual is aware of his or her own personal targets. We provide a caring and supportive learning environment, where work is celebrated and praised.

To establish an enduring love of literature, we encourage our pupils to participate in many different activities beyond the classroom.  We visit the theatre, participate in writing competitions, attend authors’ book signings, run sponsored reading programmes and book clubs and compete in the annual Kid’s Literature Quiz.