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introducing french

Studying French is valuable to our children from Reception to Year 8 because it gives them the opportunity to:

  • Become interested, even fascinated, by foreign languages, their speakers and culture, and to enjoy the feelings it can bring. The French culture is experienced by all of Year 7 when they go to France and spend a week’s immersion in the language.
  • Form and express opinions in the target language and thus develop their moral and ethical awareness.
  • Explore different social conventions, such as forms of address, as well as the ability to communicate and co-operate with speakers of foreign languages in an appropriate way.
  • Gain new insights into differences in the way people live and opportunities to relate these to their own lifestyle and experience by increasing their awareness of other cultures.
  • Use French as the principle means of communication within the classroom and beyond it, where opportunities exist.
  • Develop their knowledge with growing confidence and competence to understand what they hear and read and express themselves in speech and writing.
  • Develop their general learning skills.

We aim to teach in a way that provides opportunities for pupils to develop the key skills of:

Communication: including listening, speaking, reading and writing in the target language.
Acquiring knowledge and understanding of the target language.
Seeing how language ‘works’ and finding links between languages.
Communicating information in many different ways for many different purposes: audio, video, ICT, internet.
Working with others in pairs, small groups as well as a whole class.
Improving and developing their own language and performance by rehearsing and redrafting work as well as memorising, dealing with the unpredictable and using reference material.
Problem-solving by adapting their knowledge for specific purposes.
Language-learning so that they become increasingly independent learners and users of French by forming a sound basis for further study.