Sedbergh Prep School - History

History has an important place in the curriculum and the priority is to make the subject interesting and exciting for all pupils.

The priority of the History team is to develop an enjoyment of the subject, stimulating curiosity about the past and fostering a fascination with the richness and variety of British and the wider world’s history. Above all we hope that pupils will develop a lasting interest in a fascinating subject.

We aim to stimulate pupils’ curiosity about people living in the past, their reasons for doing things, the background to key events and their implications. In this way they can better understand their own and others’ inheritance and explore the differences (and similarities) between ways of life at different times.

Pupils are encouraged to use source material and all teaching methods encourage historical enquiry and involve pupils in forming hypotheses, planning investigations, finding and recording information and analysis. Our approaches include teacher presentations, question and answer discussions, individual and group investigations, audio visual resources, role play and field work.

The content of the course is closely linked to the National Curriculum up to Year 6. Pupils in years 7 and 8 follow an independent History syllabus, based on key individuals and events in British, European and World History.

Whenever possible, we arrange visits to museums and sites of interest to reinforce and bring to life the topics studied in the classroom. This year visits will include a trip to HMS Belfast, the Victorian experience at Beamish in County Durham and Bolton Castle in Richmond.