Sedbergh Prep School - ICT

Information and communications technology (ICT) is changing our lives, and we aim to equip pupils to use technology for real benefits now and in the future.  The school has recently invested in a suite of iPad tablets, which can be used across the whole school site via high speed WiFi.  In addition, pupils have access to two PC based suits as well as notebooks that are also wirelessly connected to the school system.  Our policy of ensuring the latest equipment is available to our pupils ensures they leave The Prep School with a cutting edge knowledge of IT, and an enthusiasm to innovate and experiment.

The creative potential of the Apple iPad enables every student to realise their potential to be a musician, writer, or a film maker. Photoshop and other graphical applications are also investigated, and budding artists are invited to put their work on display digitally to the school.  The evolution of interactive technology and learning is not just used in ICT lessons, but is available to all subjects taught in the school.

“ICT skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners.”

The aims of the ICT curriculum at the Prep School are to enable pupils to develop their capabilities in finding, selecting, and using information through ICT, and to produce effective and appropriate communication as a result. They are encouraged to apply hardware and software tools to be creative, often applying their skills and knowledge to their learning in other subject areas.

Teachers also encourage their pupils to use their ICT knowledge to develop their language and communication skills, and to explore the value of ICT to them and to society in general.