Religious Studies

Sedbergh Prep School - Religious Studies

We aim to develop a genuine interest in religion and philosophy, and to equip pupils with morals and values for life. 

Religious Studies is a highly valued and important subject at the Prep School and we aim to enhance pupils’ quality of religious understanding through the effective delivery of a varied programme of study. 
Religious Studies teaching values each person’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs and seeks to give pupils moral and ethical values that will enable them to live healthy and productive adult lives. These aims and objectives are achieved through a range of different methods and pupils develop their subject knowledge, confidence and ability to express themselves through reading, factual and creative writing, role play, discussion and debate. 
The programme of study is closely linked to the National Curriculum up to and including Year Six. Year Seven look at different stories from the Old Testament, whereas Year Eight study the life of Jesus. Both year groups also delve into each story in a more contemporary setting, investigating what can we learn from them.